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Learn How To Treat The Root Cause Of Your Infertility Naturally And Get Pregnant With Herbal Remedies.

The gift of life is the greatest gift of them all, and we have been blessed with the ability to nurture and reproduce naturally without Drugs or Surgery.

Pregnancy is a natural process. However, our hectic modern lifestyle, aging or some genetic anomalies have brought about a steep rise in fertility issues – in both men and women.

In most cases, however, fertility problems can be resolved, without the need for any expensive medicines, treatments, or surgery.

Since pregnancy is a natural process, it is imperative to address fertility issues with natural remedies that do not come bundled with a bevy of complications. These day many couples are troubled by infertility issues such as:

  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Low sperm count
  • Uterine fibroids
  • Blocked fallopian tubes
  • Endometriosis
  • High Prolactin
  • Premature Ovarian Failure (POF, POI)
  • Low Progesterone leading to early miscarriage, luteal phase defect or inability to conceive
  • Adenomyosis
  • Endometriosis
  • PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)
  • Male Infertility (Low Sperm Count, Poor Motility, Morphology, Dead Sperm, Azoospermia )
  • Urology & Male Sexual Dysfunction (Varicocele, Prostate Issues, Erectile Dysfunction, Epididymitis)
  • And many other reproductive issues

Dollyhams Health is dedicated to offer natural fertility solutions to help women and men overcome infertility naturally and improve quality of life. It also throws light on how herbal remedies and lifestyle changes are used to increase fertility and help couples conceive naturally by tackling and resolving the root cause of their inability to get pregnant.

It can be shocking to see many couples give up on their dreams of a natural, healthy pregnancy because of some fertility issues. Society also tends to look down on fertility problems as some kind of weakness or disease, but the reality is far from this misconception.

Many fertility issues can be easily resolved naturally, it has proven effective for thousands of people and based on this, many people all over the world are now turning back to nature.

In many cases, Fertility Drugs, IVF and surgery are all unnecessary, the truth is that every woman is born fertile, but there are certain factors that need to be in balance in order to conceive a child. A number of reasons can cause these factors to fall short and disrupt the natural balance for conception to occur and it might even be infertility factors related to the male partner, but both woman and man fertility can restore with natural remedies without any side effects.

The power of natural healing products and simple lifestyle as well as dietary changes have also been explored and proven by science. The University of Surrey had conducted tests that showed such positive changes brought about an 80% success rate in conception, while the success rate for medically assisted conception was just 20%.

Explore our website to find out which natural products that can help you get pregnant. Learn what you need to know about natural pregnancies and find the best tips to conceive naturally in a shorter span of time no matter the course of your infertility. Take the first step toward a happy and fulfilling family life.

Pregnant In 9 Weeks After Failed 2 IVF And Tubal Flushing.

I just got my pregnancy test result and guess what, it was positive. It confirm I am 10 weeks pregnant after 5 years of Agony and trips to different hospitals and fertility specialists.


But unfortunately, I am sad, while I am suppose to be glad, I am sad because I would have been pregnant earlier than now, if I never listen only to my doctor's advice, I should have done my own research earlier, believe in nature and purchase the FalloCure Blocked Fallopian Tube Kit immediately I came across it.


I have bilateral blocked fallopian tubes and my doctor flush the tubes twice but it got blocked again and I got frustrated with the procedure and decided to research about other options for opening fallopian tube, after fail attempts to open it by tubal flushing my doc recommended. I did research online and I came across your website, every information seems right to me and I was pleased, I told my doctor about the product I discover but he said there is no herbs that can unblock tube naturally.


I listen to him and went for IVF and after 2 failed attempts and total waste of money. I decided on my own to try FalloCure Blocked Fallopian Tube Kit and FertilWomen to balance my hormones and I got pregnant in 9 weeks.


I advice every other woman with fallopian tube issues to do their research and don't base your option only on anyone's advise, I did and it resulted in waste of money and time, because I have discover FalloCure Blocked Fallopian Tube Kit long time ago and I would have been pregnant earlier if I follow my heart and order the product but I disregard it because of my doctor's advice and I am annoyed at myself but at the same time I am  happy that I made the wise decision purchasing Fallocure Kit later. Now I am a strong believer of natural medicine. Thank You.


Mandisa K., Cafe town, South Africa

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