Now, I am recovered from severe depression and Premature Ovarian Failure.

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Have you ever, as a woman, envisaged what it would look like for you to prepare your mind on settling down and raising your own family and suddenly realize your dreams are gradually but steadily fading away?

Such was my situation when my monthly period seized for years and on examination, was told I had premature ovarian failure. All I could muster the strength to say was “it is impossible”.

A nightmare that started as something of a few months turned into a full year and continued for seven years. Within this period, I broke up with my fiance because I concluded there was no point going into any relationship or subsequent marriage if I won’t be able to have children for the man I’m getting married to. I also went through a lot of testing and hormone replacement therapy.

This led me to drinking heavily and becoming a chain smoker. I was completely depressed and was at the verge of collapse before came across dollyhams website and I find out they treat premature ovarian failure naturally and my POF condition could be reverse.

I ordered the Total fertility cleansing kit, FertilOvum and Self Massage for Fertility Pack and unbelievably within two months, my period came rushing out and was very reddish and clean. Till date, I have not had any issues with my monthly period anymore, no vaginal dryness and I am more cheerful now than I have ever been in my whole adult life. Thank you.

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