Thank God For Alternative Fallopian Tube Blockage Treatment & Way Out

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My wife and i have been believing God for the fruit of the womb for close to 5 years.

We did HSG and found out my wife had bilateral hydrosalpinx. This made it difficult for the egg and sperm to come together for fertilization and even if they do, the water in the hydrosalpinx is toxic to the embryo. We decided to do IVF. We were told that for it to be successful my wife’s fallopian tubes would have to be removed because the fluid in fallopian tube will kill the embryo. We became distraught. IVF has between 20 to 30% success rate……a gamble and to now remove the tubes because of it was way too much.

We had no choice, so we started the process. We did all d investigations and we were about going for the salpingectomy when my wife came across fallocure blocked fallopian tube kit. She said we should try the hydrosalpinx treatment before proceeding with the tubal removal and the IVF.

We ordered for the fallocure blocked fallopian tube package and to God alone be the glory, my wife became pregnant after taking the fallocure treatment. Just a couple of weeks ago, we welcome of our bundle of joy……a handsome baby boy. To God be all the glory. Thank you Dollyhams for providing alternative fallopian tube blockage treatment and happy way out.

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I just got my pregnancy test result and guess what, it was positive. It confirm I am 10 weeks pregnant after 5 years of Agony.

But unfortunately, I am sad, while I am suppose to be glad, I am sad because I would have been pregnant earlier than now,
if I never listen only to my doctor’s advice, I should have done my own research earlier, believe in nature and purchase the FalloCure...

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