Does Fertility Cleansing Work?

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The doctor has told you that you likely are infertile, and conception will be difficult and even expensive. Now what do you do?

Perhaps you’ve thought about a fertility cleanse as a way to prepare your body for pregnancy; you’ve heard the fertility cleanse is good preparation for improved fertility.  Some people swear by their fertility cleanses, having tried other natural remedies with no success until they tried a fertility cleansing.

Dollyhams fertility cleansing benefitsSimilar to fasting, the fertility cleansing is a way to remove the toxins from your body.  If you ingest hormone-laden products like milk and orange juice, you might be at risk for having built up toxins in your body. Even if you think you have no bad habits that would have built up toxins in your system, your being around others with bad habits can affect you. Toxins can also come from air pollution and exposure to chemicals, and from poor diets of sugar, saturated fat, caffeine and processed foods. Nearly every food consumed today is chemically enhanced for maximized profit, making it impossible to escape from hormone-laden products.

The best advice for a fertility cleansing is to begin first with appropriate changes to your diet (avoid sugar, caffeine, gluten, meat), and once these have been made, try the fertility cleansing and not just any cleanse, a thorough fertility cleanse which are designed for the specific purpose of increasing fertility and not a general cleanse that can be done every week or monthly but a thorough fertility cleansing is done not more than two times per year and its more appropriate and give instant results and a lot of couples are able to conceive right after a total fertility cleansing program.

During the fertility cleanse, you will drink lots of water and eat foods high in fiber. Everything you consume should be organic for optimal nutritional value. A fertility cleanse takes a minimum of 15 – 30 days for maximum effectiveness.

“Will it work?” you ask. Ofcouse Yes.

In some couples fertility cleansing have proved to be exactly what they needed to be able to conceive. There are women who did a fertility cleansing for the first time ever and immediately became pregnant after a history of fertility issues and even men testify to produce quality sperm count and motility after a fertility cleanse.

Medical science tends to frown upon complementary and alternative treatments that have proven effective for countless people for decades. However, traditional natural treatments offer a variety of benefits for women and men. For example, some women become pregnant immediately after their first fertility cleanse, while other women may notice their menstrual cycle begins to regulate itself, they are ovulating better and producing more cervical mucus, their sexual gratification improves, and they are more relaxed and stress free. In any case, the fertility cleanse improves a woman’s overall pelvic health.

How does the fertility cleanse work?

It may be that the fertility cleansing not only detoxifies body systems but also improves egg and sperm quality.

That’s right, egg AND sperm quality. Fertility cleansing are not just for women; men can greatly benefit from a fertility cleanse as well, and they will reap similar health benefits. Imagine if you both increased your health and your chances of becoming pregnant!

Because the fertility cleanse removes body toxins, it returns your body to a healthier state, one which ultimately is more receptive to conception and general well being. Many of the cleanses work on laundering and detoxifying the liver, kidney and uterus. The fertility cleanse can also boost your immune system, which is beneficial to getting pregnant.

The great thing about a fertility cleanse is that you don’t have to be infertile to benefit from it.  Your body will love you for the cleanse. 

Benefits of Fertility Cleansing

The cleanse will make you feel spectacular because you will have gotten rid of the toxins stored in your body for years. In fact, removing toxins with a fertility cleanse can be exactly what your body needs for successful conception.

A good fertility cleanse will prepare your body for conception be eliminating toxins and boosting your immunity. This treatment will flush away some of the tens of thousand of toxins inside your body, creating a more natural environment for conception.

Your healthier body left by the fertility cleanse has long-term effects that will help you bring your baby into the world. The cleanse has purified your pelvic organs so the likelihood of your pregnancy reaching full term is better. There are many benefits in a fertility cleanse: the fetus is more likely to implant in the uterine walls, you will be more relaxed, your organs less inflamed and there will fewer toxins that could harm you or the fetus. In addition, the fertility cleanse can promote the healthy growth and development of your unborn child.

Age is also one of the factors that affect fertility, and fertility cleansing helps to reverse aging and enhance fertility at in older women by eliminating toxins from the body.

Here are few eight benefits of fertility cleansing:

  • purges old blood and clots in the uterus
  • fosters regularity in the menstrual
  • increases circulation by oxygenating tissues
  • eliminates toxins from the body
  • reduces inflammation and female pelvic and male testicular region
  • supports female reproductive health
  • promotes sexual desire and pleasure
  • regulates mood
  • reduces stress

You can find a variety of fertility cleansing recommendations, but the best fertility cleansing should include the products that will clean the four major reproductive organs in fertility, thereby creating hormonal balance. It is not enough to focus entirely on the reproductive system; you must also treat the colon, liver and kidneys for optimum cleansing. Finally, fertility cleansing should boost immunity, all in an effort to place the body in the best state possible for conception. The requirements in fertility cleansing are the same whether creating mothers from hopeful women or for making males with low sperm counts fathers.

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