Wholesale & Practitioners

Thanks for your interest in Dollyhams Health Fertility products.

We specialized simply in Natural Fertility Products and we believe in not cutting corner or living any stone unturned to provide the best products that is unmatched in the world for infertility and natural conceptions.

We welcome medical and alternative practitioners, doctors, resellers, distributors, Health store, fertility clinics, pharmacists, nurses, acupuncturists, nutritionists, herbalists, kinesiologists, reflexologists, or other similar professions or independent online marketers who wish to resell our products and we offer 20% discounts on all our products.wholesale-banner

Unfortunately, we don’t do network marketing as our products are professional grade level which are meant for therapeutic fertility treatment, considering the right diagnosis and giving treatment according to medical history and health condition and so far the results have always been impressive, we don’t believe in just one size fit all.

Joining Dollyhams Health is a thing of pride as you will be happy to be offering a products that act quickly and deliver results promptly to your customers and gives self fulfillment and pride as your customers give positive feedback timely and refer you to others.

Wholesale discount is meant for reseller who intends to purchase and resell or supply to your clients, customers or patients and not for personal use and not also meant for doctors or practitioners who joins wholesale account to purchase for personal use or consumptions.

In order to be approved, kindly fill the reseller’s form and we will review your application and approve your account within 2 – 5 days. Kindly attached your certificate or particulars for quick approval.

Once your application is approved, we will send your practitioner/wholesale account access details and instructions on how to purchase in wholesale prices and you can make your purchase online, offline or by email.

Terms and Conditions Apply.

  • There is a minimum order of 12 Units for same products or total amount for mixed products.
  • We allow cumulative purchase for distributors who wishes to be buying gradually to make up the minimum order or units and the discount will only be paid out when the total purchase amount to the minimum units or amount.
  • Our Practitioner, Wholesale & Distributor Discount is 20% – 30%
  • You cannot sell our products to your customer lower than the prices stated on our website.
  • You cannot copy content or articles on our website to your site except product names only.
  • We do not allow any practitioners or reseller or distributors who engage in plagiarism, we only allow genuine site or blog with quality information to advertise or market our products online, so therefore all practitioners or reseller who wish to sell online require authentication and approval, otherwise we reserve the right to cancel such account.
  • You have to pay for shipping charges of your orders and it is based on weight and location.

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