Natural Treatment For Varicocele Without Surgery.

Male infertility and varicocele also known as pampiniform plexus has been a painful factor for men and majority of men undergoes different battles when diagnose with varicocele disorder. Previously varicocele have been causing serious disappointment for men at their ability to enjoy fatherhood, while other men went through terrible disturbing pains, discomfort and unable to enjoy sexual fulfillment, however, the good news is that there is all natural ways to clear varicocele naturally without surgery or risky drugs or harmful procedures.

As we know “Common sense is very uncommon”. True indeed. Everybody knows that Mother-Nature has always surprised mankind with its wonders. Humans have used extraordinary great sources from the nature to resolve their most challenging and demanding inconveniences in every aspect. So why not for varicocele? Nature has the ability to guide and help us get rid of varicocele, its associated pain and miseries related to varicocele without any side effect.

Now it is our job to find a cure and apply it to best of our advantage instead of bemoaning. I have spent my life learning about nature and natural remedies for different health problems. And I proudly represent a Natural cure for varicocele and associated complications that is completely natural, effective and safe.

What Is Varicocele

Varicocele is an unusual enlargement of veins within scrotum (loose skin holding testicles, veins, and arteries) also known as varicocele testicle, and layman call it different name such as varicocel, varicoceli, varicocoele, varicocoele, vericocele, varicoceles or varicosil. Normally, these veins supply blood to reproductive glands. In case of any abnormality like varicocele, blood blockage comes about and damages male fertility and might also affect men’s erection or testosterone level.

Varicocele Treatment

It is more obvious in standing posture and vice versa. In layman terms Varicocele is a varicose vein in the scrotum just like varicose vein in the legs. The causes of improper functionality of varicose veins in legs and in testicles are similar. The significance of this disorder is greater due to the fact that it is the most common reason for infertility related problems in men. It lowers the sperm count of a man and also undermines its quality. However, if varicocele is detected in your one testicle, it affects sperm production of both testicles, sometimes testicles shrink as a result of Varicocele.

Usually, it attacks mostly on the left side as 85% Varicocele occurs on the left scrotum and remaining 15% tends to occur on both sides simultaneously. The incidences that involve occurrence only on the right side are few and far between. There are 3 primary reasons of this predominant left side occurrence:

  • The angle at which the left testicular vein enters the left renal vein.
  • No effective anti-reflux mechanism between testicular vein and renal vein.
  • Increased renal vein pressure as it lies between the superior mesenteric artery and the aorta. This phenomenon is also referred to as “nutcracker effect”.

Prevalence percentage of Varicocele among men is alarming. Up to 15% to 20 % of all men tends to have Varicocele at some stage in their lives. Unfortunately, it is most likely to prevail in early adulthood, between the ages of 15 to 30 years and is mostly left unnoticed, under-diagnosed and untreated.

Some believe that the risks of Varicocele may be limited with age but it is highly unlikely due to overall physical degradation of man with aging that leaves its body vulnerable to varicocele. That is why I have experienced more men seeking help and treatment advice even in their 40’s to 50’s. Small varicocele which can only be identified by bearing down and can go undetected for decades. Men in their 40’s or sometimes even in their early 50’s come with this type of varicocele.

The World’s Largest Medical Library, U.S. National Library of Medicine provides following crucial statistics about Varicocele incidences:

VARICOCELE: Epidemiology:

a) Varicocele is diagnosed in 15,000 of 100,000 adult men,
b) Varicocele is diagnosed in 40,000 of 100,000 men with reduced fertility,
c) Varicocele occurrence increases with age until adulthood,
d) Incidences of Varicocele vary with age. The rate is higher at adolescence and into adulthood

Varicocele occurrence Rate:

– 800 of 100,000 boys aged 2 to 6
– 1,000 of 100,000 boys aged 7 to 10
– 7,800 of 100,000 boys aged 11 to 14
– 15,000 of 100,000 boys aged older than 15.

Causes Of Varicocele

Varicocele is not a sudden condition; it develops with time. Usually the blood tends to flow in the wrong direction in testicular vein known as reflux. Reflux then causes swelling and widening of the veins. This mechanism is responsible for Varicocele and a strange feeling of fullness (like a loose bag hanging) can be noted around testicles.

Improper Functioning of Veins: If valves within veins do not function properly, it will cause blood blockage

Anatomic Asymmetries: Varicocele may also result from anatomic changes between right and left inside spermatic veins. As left internal vein is longer than right vein, it needs extra pressure to circulate blood through the left vein.Sooner or later, it leads to varicoceles.

The Nutcracker Effect: Varicocele also results from compression of renal vein that is close to left kidney. This compression results in blood blockage in left spermatic internal vein. When it tries to regulate the flow of blood to heart through renal vein, it causes varicocele.

Spermatic cord performs blood circulation activity to and fro your testicles. As a matter of fact, there is uncertainty about the causes of varicoceles; however, experts believe when valves inside your veins in spermatic cord stop blood from proper flowing, it widens veins. Varicoceles form during sexual maturity.

The blood tends to flow in the wrong direction in testicular vein known as reflux. Reflux then causes swelling and widening of the veins. This mechanism is responsible for Varicocele and a strange feeling of fullness (like a loose bag hanging) can be noted around testicles.

Varicocele Diagnosis

Varicocele is can be easily diagnosed after careful physical examination of the patient. An examiner will look for any twisted growth near groin area, testicles or scrotum. Usually affected side of scrotum hangs lower while the normal side looks in normal position. Tortuosity and dilation of veins increase when patient is in standing position and decrease when he is in lying down position. Patient may experience cough impulse. It requires careful examination during both standing up and lying down positions. Sometimes the growth is so visible that it feels like a bag of worms, swollen testicles or sometimes too small to get noticed.

In some cases, physical examination and visual findings are not enough to clarify the presence of Varicocele. For example, in obese patients and individuals with tight scrotum, ultrasound is required for accurate diagnosis. In such scenario, the type of Varicocele will be termed as Subclinical-Varicocele. Some clinical studies suggest that Subclinical-Varicocele has fewer side-effects.

Scrotal ultrasound may also be performed in some cases. This helps doctor measure spermatic veins in order to get accurate and detailed picture of patient’s condition.

Venography (x-ray of testicles) can also be used to diagnosed varicocele.

Types Of Varicocele

Varicocele is divided into 3 clinical grades depending upon the lump size in testicles and visibility. These are labeled as Grade I to III. Grade 1 is the smallest, Grade 2 is medium size whereas Grade 3 is the largest lump size.

  1. Small – Identified only by bearing down, which increases intra-abdominal pressure, thus impeding drainage and increasing varicocele size. This process of identifying varicocele is called Valsalva maneuver.
  2. Medium or moderate – Identified by palpation without bearing down (Valsalva maneuver).
  3. Large – Easily identified by visual inspection alone.

Symptoms Of Varicocele

Patient may not experience any symptoms in the beginning; however, given below likely symptoms can help you identify varicocele:

  • Swelling in the scrotum or lump in the testicles
  • Twisted or enlarged veins within scrotum
  • Sharp or dull pain in the testicles
  • Scrotal heaviness
  • Dragging sensation
  • Bulge in the scrotum,
  • Testicle Lump (mostly painless),
  • There might be no apparent symptoms at all

Physical condition gets worse when patient physically exerts himself sitting or standing. Prolonged exertion periods increase chances of painful conditions. Mostly varicocele grows and patient becomes aware of his condition.

How Varicocele Affects Male Fertility

Multiple theories exist about the true effects of Varicocele on male fertility in the past. Some believed that it was totally harmless regarding sexual desire or healthy sperm count. However, recent studies narrate that Varicocele has every chance to cause the complication of infertility. (NCBI Study: “Infertility is a complication of varicocele.”) .So it’s a fact that Varicocele can cause infertility or decrease in sperm count in several ways.

One way is to cause a temperature increase in the scrotal. 94 degree F° is average temperature for scrotal in normal males. Whereas, it is much higher in males with varicocele.

Another way is to increase free radicals (reactive oxygen species) in semen and sperm, respectively. These free radicals are a major cause for sperm reduction. Last but not least, Varicocele can cause damage to DNA-formation. This could also be a major cause of male fertility in some cases.

Medical And Surgical Treatment Of Varicocele

In order to increase your chances of successful surgical treatment of varicocele, it is important to have it done at early age. Ideally in adolescence. Benefits of surgical removal of varicocele significantly declines with passing age. Most of the information sources on the web create a false image that the success rate for conceiving baby after surgery is much higher but it is certainly not true. There is basically not enough clinical evidence in the support of successful surgical removal of varicocele that leads to pregnancy. Variably, few prospective controlled studies available in the literature suggest that the success rate of pregnancy without treating varicocele is 35% and after varicocele surgery is up to 33%, which keep declining over the years.

In mainstream medicine, varicocele is categorized as an anatomical abnormality and there is no effective treatment available for such disorders. There are quite a few treatment options available for the disorder depending upon individual circumstances. However, out of these options the two most common and trusted options are natural treatment and surgery.

Unfortunately, there are certain complications related with the surgery. A detail overview of potential negative aspects of surgery in light of recent studies and clinical evaluation is given below.

Following are 5 most common surgical practices for varicocele

1) Inguinal Varicocelectomy: According to a NCBI study, “It is by far the most commonly performed operation for the treatment of male infertility.” Termed as treatment of choice by the surgeons, it has mixed results. A prospective, randomized controlled trial from Saudi Arabia compared subinguinal microsurgical varicocele repair to observation. Spontaneous pregnancy was achieved in 13.9% of controls compared with 32.9% of treated men. So it benefits about 19% men only.

Abdel-Meguid TA, Al-Sayyad A, Tayib A, Farsi HM. Does Varicocele Repair Improve Male Infertility? An Evidence-Based Perspective From a Randomized, Controlled Trial. Eur Urol. Dec 21 2010;[Medline].

2) Embolization: First a physical examination is carried out and afterwards a radiologist injects metal coils into the vein to prevent reflux. No correlation was found between the improvements in semen quality and the pregnancy rate.

3) Subinguinal varicocelectomy: There is every possibility of complications and recurrence of the disease. The veins in the spermatic cord are tied off just a little bit below where they are tied off with the inguinal approach.

4) Laparoscopic varicocelectomy: Again a surgical treatment that involves accessing the spermatic cord in the abdomen and clipping the veins at that level. Chances of complications and recurrence are associated with this treatment as well.

5) Retroperitoneal varicocelectomy: A treatment that is obsolete, and is no longer in practice these days. Retroperitoneal varicocelectomy was “mainly invasive” and certainly no more effective than other options especially no comparison to Natural Varicocele treatment.

Complications Of Varicocele Surgery

Surgical varicocele treatment, known as varicocelectomy, might involves complications. In fact, treating varicose veins in similar fashion can be dangerous. Veins cannot be stripped from the scrotum because it will cause injury to the blood supply of the testicles. The surgery is done to stop reflux (opposite flow of blood in veins) from outside. An alternative channel is established to allow smooth blood circulation. This way chances of reflux are reduced.

Varicocele recurrence after surgical treatment varies from up 45%. It depends on the application of magnification and particular process performed. Recurrence varicocele is usually caused by midretroperitoneal veins, parallel inguinal, transcrotal collateral gubernacular veins, injury in testicular artery, and hydrocele.

Approximately half of varicocelectomy hydrocele rise to the size that creates enough discomfort to authorize surgical hydrocelectomy. According to theories, large hydrocele can impair the function of hydrocele by insulating testis and stopping normal thermoregulation

Other possible complications after surgical removal of varicocele are:

  • Infection
  • Pain
  • Injuries and Scarring
  • Bleeding
  • Heart arrhythmias (during the procedure)
  • Damage to the testicular artery
  • Fluid around the testicle (Hydroceles)
  • Injury in the vein (that is accessed in the neck or the groin)
  • Migration of the substance used to block off the testicular vein
  • Injury to the abdominal and chest veins (traversed during the procedure)

Varicocelectomy Vs. Varicocele Natural Treatment Options

As an expert on the topic let me tell you something that will change your life forever. In present day health care industry, pharmaceutical industries along with most recent activities in surgical procedures have taken over the globe. We have been dragged away from the nature and its magical resources very systematically and gradually but when it comes to varicocele treatment, nature still wins the race.

To some people varicocele surgical complications might not sound very critical but it becomes crucial once a patient is among this group. Consider yourself among individuals that have to face the complications misery even after going under a surgical treatment. After spending huge amounts of money to get rid of varicocele and gain fertility, you will be left with nothing. Your dream to become a father will remain a dream forever. I have seen many patients that have to use natural treatment options afterwards (Varicocelectomy). So why not use it in the first place?

Surgery (Varicocelectomy) is not the only way to treat varicocele. Surgical treatment is not only expensive but also includes severe side effects and complications. If you are looking for alternative varicocele treatment other than surgery, you must learn about 2 Holistic Steps to Cure Varicocele Naturally which is a combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Organic Herbs made in USA and is called Natural Varicocele Cure Kit.

As a Fertility Doctor, I have used Natural Varicocele Cure Kit for countless clients having varicocele over the years with excellent results and it’s totally heals varicocele and get rid of Varicocele symptoms like pains, discomfort, scrotal ugliness/vein, enhance better erection and improve male fertility naturally. Natural Varicocele Cure Kit gives noticeable improvement you can feel in symptoms as early as 3 – 6 weeks and total varicocele cure and disappearance usually takes 4 months and thereafter you can repeat your Scrotal Scan to confirm the Varicocele is completely gone. Majority of our client are pain-free and others where are able to impregnate their wife or partner earlier than that.

2 Holistic Steps To Cure Varicocele Naturally.

The health care and pharmaceutical giants would have you believe that there’s simply no other effective treatment for varicocele beyond their drugs and invasive medical procedures. But as a fertility doctor and herbalist who specializes in natural remedies, I’m happy to share with you a potent herbal solution that heal varicocele permanently and return it to normal function without drugs or having to go under the knife and the natural cure is Natural Varicocele Cure Kit

Natural Varicocele Cure Kit involve 2 Holistic Steps that help to resolves the abnormal enlargement of the pampiniform plexus in the scrotum and permanently heal varicocele once and for all, including getting of rid of pain, aching, discomfort, heavy or dragging feeling, scrotal enlargement and testicular atrophy. It works for all Grade of Varicocele, irrespective if it’s Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3 or Grade 4 and it’s effective for men of all ages, obviously, no surgical treatment can address all this issues in one go.

It’s consist of VaricoCure Blend an important and powerful ancient Chinese formula which have been used from generations as herbal decoction for curing varicocele naturally. In olden days large chinese ingredients are mixed together to prepare VaricoCure decoction for varicocele and it have been time-tested and proven to cure varicocele without recurrence.

Master Herbalist and Experts have formulate the formula in an easy to take way with highest herbal concentration strength of 20:1 potency which is hardly use in standard formulation, as it is extremely expensive formulation, time-intensive and require expertise to formulate VaricoCure. All this makes VaricoCure Blend act quickly, well-tolerated and achieve better results than in ancient times.

Modern techniques was also incorporated into the natural varicocele treatment to give a compound and holistic effects that goes beyond only healing varicocele but also with to improve fertility and total wellness, hence you will notice as your varicocele is healing, you are also gaining vibrant health.

We hold the key to natural varicocele treatment without surgery and the formula and techniques have been perfected over six generations of chinese medical practice and we are confident that you can’t find anything else that works better than Natural Varicocele Cure Kit anywhere.

In a TCM research study, ” infertile patients with varicocele were treated with herbal medicine for at least 4 months. Before and after the administration, semen qualities such as sperm concentration and motility were examined, and the varicocele was graded. A varicocele disappearance rate of over 82% was achieved and improvement of sperm concentration and sperm motility was also achieve in patients. Whereas Natural Varicocele Cure Kit include comprehensive and intensify techniques which help us achieve better result of over 200% varicocele success rate. 

In China, herbs are the recommended first course of action for varicoceles before surgery and the herbal medicine have always proven effective. Surgeries can possibly worsen sperm counts because with surgery there is a risk of scarring, adhesion formation and high chances of recurrence.

Natural Varicocele Cure Kit is drug-less and surgery-free treatment that have been used by forefathers of Chinese expertise to treat varicocele successfully and with the modern approach used for the Natural Varicocele Cure Kit, facilitate increase efficacy than results achieve with ordinary Chinese medicine and without the worry of lead, mercury and heavy metal found in Chinese medicine manufacture in China, because the Natural Varicocele Cure Kit is manufactured in USA under GMP Compliant facility and are certified organic fresh.

Benefit of Natural Varicocele Cure Kit as follows:-

  • Help to heal the dilated pampiniform venous plexus and resolves varicocele naturally without any side effects or recurrence
  • Assist to clear and normalize swollen, Ugliness, lumpy feeling and enlargement of the scrotum
  • Repair the abnormality of the veins that supports the testicles and reverse reduce or shrunk testicle to normal range.
  • Get rid of pains, discomfort, agony associated with varicocele
  • Brings balance and harmony to the body and ensures healthy sperm production.
  • Reduces pressure and spooling of blood in testicular region and scrotal sac
  • Regulate the temperature in the testicles that contribute to defective and damage sperm
  • Improve the flow of blood in the testes and enhance the production of mature sperm cell and richer sperm texture
  • Have double effects of curing varicocele and increasing sperm counts, improves motility and morphology
  • Boosts sex drive and encourage better erection, longer ejaculation and increase testosterone
  • Assist to improve quality of sperm, reduces abnormal forms and prevent DNA/radical damage
  • Maximize the chances of becoming a father in men having infertility due to varicocele
  • Work for men who have previous undergo varicocelectomy and varicocele reoccur or whose sperm count haven’t improve after varicocele surgery and those still having pains, hydrocele, discomfort after varicocele surgery.
  • Works for any grades of varicoceles and men of all ages
  • Enhance Growth and maturity of sperm cells, reverse azoospermatism the most difficult infertility challenge associated with varicocele, improve sperm count from zero to normospermia, enable you to experience azoospermia treatment success
  • Beware of websites that steals the benefits of Natural Varicocele Cure Kit and help report plagiarism to us
  • Contain 40 Pages Free Natural Varicocele Treatment Manual (Book) that explains step by step guide lines of using the products and other lifestyle changes, diets, exercise and other supplements and vitamins that is beneficial to your living varicocele free forever, after varicocele is gone.
  • 100% Organic & Allergy Free

Natural Varicocele Cure Kit offers completely natural and safest alternate to surgical procedures and and the 2 holistic steps involved in the Natural Varicocele Cure Kit as follows:

Step 1. VaricoCure Blend

VaricoCure offers completely natural and safest alternate to surgical procedures. Now the actual thing is to understand that how it is good at what it claims. VaricoCure Blend action is specific to the internal spermatic venous network to rectify the expansion of the pampiniform vein tortuosity and dilation without harming or disturbing any organ with key substance and correct the problematic action of “reflux”. The blood will flow in the right direction instead of other way around, reducing the effects of reflux. This effects will eventually increase sperm count, eradicate erectile dysfunction and certainly improve semen quality and you should notice thicker and richer texture.

VaricoCure Blend Is Designed To heal Varicocele Naturally And Resolves Abnormal Enlargement And Twisted Veins In The Scrotum, Relief Testicular Pain, Discomfort, Scrotal Swollen And Atrophy. Promote Better Circulation In The Testicular Region To Enhance Production Of Mature Sperm and Counts In Fastest Time Possible.

VaricoCure Blend” will enable a man to become a father within shortest time possible. A complete cure of varicocele will take only four months but you can start seeing improvement in pain and fertility in just 3 -6 weeks. It’s a unique natural varicocele treatment that is effective for getting rid of varicocele forever and also helping you to improve your male infertility.

Benefits Of VaricoCure Blend:

  • Helps Improve the flow of blood in the testes and resolve the dilated veins
  • Brings balance and harmony to the body and ensures healthy sperm production.
  • Reduces pressure on reproductive system and testicular region
  • Increases sperm counts and improves motility and morphology
  • Get rid of pains, discomfort and reduces stress.
  • It improves quality of sperm and reduces abnormal forms.
  • Improve reproductive cells in men and reverse DNA damage
  • Improve immune system and nourish blood quality

VaricoCure Blend contains Step 1 and 2 that works together to cure varicocele completely. VaricoCure Step One directly addresses twisted and dilated veins within scrotum, cures varicocele and all related symptoms with no side effects. Below is few of the ingredients use in VaricoCure Step 1 and Step 2.

VaricoCure Step 1 contains 18 ingredients and the most important 8 ingredients have been hidden and 5 ingredients was also withheld from Step 2, as we hold the key to natural varicocele cure and formula and techniques have been perfected over six generations of chinese medical practice.

Few Ingredients in VaricoCure Step 1 as follows:-

Polystichi Deltodoni promotes blood circulation, remove blood stagnation, relieves pain and heal traumatic injurities. Polystichi Deltodoni is used to treat blood stagnation, venous weakness and lumps, combining it with peach seeds and red peony, herbalists double its curing effects. It helps men improve their blood circulation within testicles and rectify reflux.

Wolfiporia is a type of mushroom that is commonly used in almost all traditional Chinese medicines. Its curing power is also acknowledged in the world of modern medicines. Usually, it is used to treat inflammation and it also allows smooth blood flow especially in patents having varicocele complications. Wolfiporia retains anti-inflammatory properties which work for curing swelling in the reproductive system of men and when combine with other eight special hidden ingredients found in varicocure gives better effect.

Persica seed have curing power to treat hepatosplenomagaly. This is a condition in which a patient has to suffer from unusual enlargement of spleen and liver. The oils and fats contained in persica seed help lubricate, moisten intestines reducing unnecessary pressure from male reproductive system and improves circulation of blood, removes stasis

Peoniae is an amazing plant, its roots, flowers, seeds and every part is used in preparing wide variety of medicines. The history of Red Peony use in Chinese medicines is so exuberant that it has been used for countless health disorder especially issues that contribute to male infertility.

Squama Manitis have fantabulous anti-inflammatory and invigorating properties that moves and penetrate all testicular region to clear all channel of any dilation and subdue swollen and It also has the ability to release muscle layers produced due to pampiniform venous plexus in the scrotum and resolve varicocele, especially when combined with 5 other ancient chinese herbs reputable for varicocele and male infertility.

Cowcockle Seed  natural herb with blue-gray, its use in traditional Chinese medication for reducing symptoms of swelling and promotes smooth blood circulation in the scrotum to allow longer penile erection. Cowcockie Seed with its medicinal ingredients improve blood circulation relieving swelling in the male productive system.

Ramulus Cinnamomi Besides having delicious flavor and beautiful aroma, Ramulus Cinnamomi helps warm and improve blood circulation in the vessels within male reproductive system. It also has the ability to release muscle layers produced due to varicocele and increase libido. It is equally beneficial for other body parts like heart, lung and urinary bladder. For its gynecological benefits, herbalists recommend using Ramulus Cinnamomi for natural varicocele treatment.

Commiphora combined with other Chinese herbs works as a blood-moving ingredient. Blockage of blood in testicles causes male infertility. By using Commiphora, varicocele patients can improve blood circulation in the testicles to get better results from natural varicocele treatment.

Frankincense: Prolong standing or weakening of leg veins can cause venous insufficiency. Legs begin to feel achy, heavy, tired or swollen. A varicose vein is a condition similar to vein insufficiency as skin near the surface gets damaged in it. The visibility becomes unpleasant. Frankincense benefits are more skin-related. That is why its use is more purposeful in varicocele treatment to eradicate ugly looks of enlarged veins on testicles. Frankincense also strengthens reproductive system of both the female and male. Stress disturbs reproductive process – reason for that is increased cortisol levels lead towards insufficient hormone progesterone. Frankincense medicinal properties are helpful in improving male fertility process without causing varicocele.

Frutus Toosendan: Some medical conditions may lead to unbearable pain and most of the painkillers become ineffective in such conditions. Traditionally, Toosendan herb is believed to be helpful in the treatment of chronic pain. Recent generations of traditional doctors have extended its use to cure pain occurs as a result of vascular blockage, blood stasis and arterial spasm. Toosendan covers four highpoints that contribute to male fertility: stomach, bladder, liver, and small intestine. It promotes circulation to relax liver so that it may avoid excessive heat, kill parasites, and relieve pain. When used other ingredient in VaricoCure like Chestnut, Toosendan brings desired results for curing male productivity,

Plantago with its anti-inflammatory properties is used in Chinese medicines. It not only promotes tissue repair but also alleviated sinus congestions. It is effective in reducing male reproductive complications. Plantago equally has antimicrobial, anti-toxic, astringent, expectorant, styptic, diuretic and demulcent qualities. Plantago benefits varicocele patients in more than one way by reducing related pain, discomfort and visual ugliness.

VaricoCure Step 2 Ingredient As Follows:-

VaricoCure Step Two doubles the remedial effects of VaricoCure Step 1. It’s helps boosts male fertility by increasing sperm count, improving motility and morphology. Using VaricoCure step 1 combined with step 2, men with varicocele problem can get rid of varicocele and father their own child.

Horney Goat Weed

Horney goat weed – an effective herb used for improving sexual performance concerns including involuntary ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. It also arouses sexual desire in men in order to improve their reproductive system. Study shows that Horney Goat Weed blocks harmful effects of a particular enzyme that stops blood circulation towards penis. Horney Goat Weed uses are widespread that cover incidences like Sexual problems, Fatigue, Erectile dysfunction (ED), Ejaculation problems, Memory loss, Liver disease, Bronchitis, Joint pain, HIV/AIDS, High blood pressure, Heart disease, and similar conditions related to male fertility and sexual disorders.

He shou Wu

A famous story is related to this herb. There was a man who cured/restored his sexual potency, vitality and youthful appearance by consuming He Shou Wu herb. It’s helps maintains sexual drive and increased sperm count to support male reproductive system. It also helps calm nervous system. With its anti-oxidant components, it improves liver performance. He shou wu supports healthful cleaning activity of liver and kidneys which result in clean blood.

Panax Ginseng

The more we learn about natural herbs the more we are impressed with wonderful uses and roles they can play in restoring health, fitness and sexuality. Panax ginseng is a plant with multiple properties. Panax Ginseng is an effect herb for male impotence and infertility. Thus, it proves to be effective for male fertility.

Tribulus Terrestris

Another well-known herbal remedy for men. Experts also recommend using this herb for men’s sexual problems like, unconscious discharge of semen (spermatorrhea), erectile dysfunction, and to improve sexual desire.

Dong Quai

Dong Quai has ferulic acid that works as muscle relaxer and pain reliever. When it is used combined with multi-ingredients, it helps treat premature ejaculation. This herb also works as blood purifier when used orally. Herbalists have been using it to treat ulcers, infertility and hypertension.


The research done about cuscuta covers 100-150 plus different species but the uses are mostly alike. Cuscuta effectively improves motility and sperm health to invigorate male reproductive system. With its antioxidant benefits, it develops sexual stamina, erection function, climaxes and orgasms. Men can also enjoy vision and mood using Cuscuta based medicines.

Japanese Teasel Root

Japanese Teasel Root is an herb cultivated in fifteen different forms with multiple health benefits. Basic health functions are to promotes healing of injured tissue, Alleviate pain and Generate flesh, heal Trauma injuries and Stiff joints, Japanese Teasel Root is used to tonify liver and kidneys. It also promotes blood movement, reconnects sinews, and eases pain. With powerful remedial properties, Japanese teasel root works wonder to improve male fertility.

Step 2. Essential Body Cleansing Kit

Body Cleansing is a crucial process in starting natural varicocele treatment, it’s help tackle the root cause of varicocele and help the body to start healing them and promote better circulation in the entire reproductive organs and help the body to absorb the healing herbs better and make VaricoCure works 300% faster. Majority of our Client report seeing signification improvement in just few days with the combination of the VaricoCure Blend and Body Cleansing contained in the Natural Varicocele Cure Kit.

Total Body Cleansing Kit Is Cleansing And Detoxification Of The Entire Body And Reproductive Organs (Colon, Liver/Gallbladder, Kidney/Bladder, Parasite/Immunity) With Powerful Organic Herbs To Get Rid Of Inside/Out Accumulated Waste, Bacteria, Bloodstream Of Toxins, Expel Parasites, Boost Fertility, Enhance Strong Immune System And Promote Over-All Body Functions At Its Optimal Healthy Level.

Over years, human body accumulates toxins from earth water, chemicals, and other substances we use in our routine life. To get rid of toxins, it is suggested to release them quickly through body cleansing. Our specially prepared natural body cleansing is beneficial to congestion and weak veins that leads to varicocele over the time and assists the body in removing toxic substances that prevent healing from taking place.

Works to reversing any damages, balance hormones, get rid of infertility causing factors, aging, drugs residues e.g men taking hypertensive drugs that can cause low sperm count, environmental pollutant and toxins the lead to poor Sperm quality and low sperm survival rate and deformity, helps the body to start healing themselves, assist the body to absorb and utilize any herbal remedies especially VaricoCure which is specially design for healing varicocele, getting rid of pains and boost any natural male treatment

Starting the varicocele treatment with Body Cleansing is one of the reason why VariCoCure Blend achieve high success rate for my varicocele clients and there are different types of Body Cleansing Kit in the market that doesn’t offer same result with Total Body Cleansing. Total Body Cleansing Kit have been time-tested and proven effective for my clients having varicocele. Ensure you are getting exact 4 Steps contain below in the Total Body Cleansing and not just any cleanse. starting with the right Total Body Cleansing along with VaricoCure maximize results in fastest time possible.

Our Total body cleansing program focuses over natural cleansing of four major internal systems and boost immune system and support complete recovery from varicocele.

  • Essential Body Cleansing Kit: The food we eat is usually lack in nutrients or filled with flavors, mysterious chemicals or preservatives. These impurities affect colon and it leads to congestion, poor circulation, fertility problems. Colon cleansing kit improves digestion, release gas, and cleanse colon of all impurities that could lead to weak veins, strengthens colon but also nourishes it to avoid any hindrance in your testicular region or reproductive system.
  • Liver Cleansing Kit: Liver supports to filter unwanted substances from body. Sometimes, general health, lifestyle, and poor diet disturb liver performance and it needs stimulation to dispense with these substances. Our herbal liver cleansing kit improves liver health and it ultimately improves your reproductive system and help speed up healing.
  • Kidney Cleansing Kit: The chemicals accumulated in kidney cause pressure and congestion in testicular region. As a result, it contributes to varicocele affecting hormone production at the same time. The situation leads to azoospermia or low sperms count. Kidney cleansing kit helps you revitalize and nourish urinary system to promote urinary flow and avoid varicocele.
  • Immune Boosting Kit:- Immune system is the most important to fight external threats and restore maximum health including varicocele, pain free, swollen-free, agony-free, discomfort-free and dismantle-free body. Our immune system is made up with proteins, tissues, organs and special cells that fight against diseases and restore health. This immune system is responsible for recovery from injuries and boosting the immune help fight against invaders and defense body against infectious organisms and also speedup healing from any disorder especially varicocele. It is also responsible for all body functions and organs to perform normally and best to their functionalities and it’s one of the important step involving in helping the body to heal itself and respond better to treatment of varicocele.

Varicocele surgery is not a guaranteed solution for male infertility or varicocele problems. In most cases, varicocele patients have to suffer from varicocele recurrence even after surgery. If you are looking for natural varicocele treatment, you should take wise decision of using our Natural Varicocele Cure Kit and safe yourself from dangerous surgery and risky drugs.

Finally, the Natural Varicocele Cure Kit include Varicocele healing Manual that explain step by step of using the products and healing yourself from varicocele include other diets, lifestyle that is beneficial to your living varicocele free forever.

Varicocele And Bacterial Infection

Over the years, I experienced that almost 50% of men with varicocele have also presented with different infections particularly (staphylococcus) staph infection, E-Coli or any of type of infections. Infections are also known to contribute to varicocele or the dilated vein in the scrotum.

So if you are diagnosis with varicocele along with bacteria infection or any other types of infection, it’s strictly important that the infection is treated otherwise it will interrupt the treatment, hence I recommend StaphCure Capsules along with your Natural Varicocele Cure Kit, if you are diagnosis or have history of staph infection or recurrence staph.

StaphCure Capsules is specially designed for staphylococcus and I recommend Herbiofix Capsules (Natural Antibiotics) if you are diagnosis of any other types of bacteria like Escherisha Coli (E.Coli), Syphilis, Gonorrhea, klebsiella infection etc, Herbiofix Capsules works for all types of infections or long-term usage of antibiotics that has resulted in the evolution of multi-drug resistant bacteria or MRSA.

Bacterial contamination is common among men that may contribute to sperm quality deterioration in infertile men. Infections detected in the genitourinary tract of men cause male infertility. Chronic and acute infections and inflammation in men’s reproductive system lead to compromised function of sperm cell and spermatogenetic process. Thus, bacteria cause quantitative and qualitative sperm alterations. If bacteria are present in semen, patient has to compromise over sperm quality. Bacteria cause semen contaminations originating from patient’s urinary tract. Thus bacteria contribute to severe varicocele.

Azoospermia And Varicocele Treatment

Varicocele can cause severely low sperm count which can easily be treatment with Natural Varicocele Cure Kit no matter how low the sperm count is but it’s different in the case of Azoospermia, because Azoospermia is dead sperm or nil count, which will require additional treatment to encourage production of mature sperm cell in the testicle.

I recommend taking Natural Varicocele Cure Kit along with the FertilSeed which is specially designed for men having varicocele and azoospermia. FertilSeed is another completely natural herbal formula that promotes vitality and higher sperm count in men and even in sterility. The sperm counts can be raised to over 65 million counts from only less than 1 million or zero count (azoospermia)

Now, I am glad to share wonderful experiences of our clients testimony regardless of their ages and locations. Following are some of my client’s thought and reviews they sent me. I strongly believe that sharing these personal messages will act as a guide for you and a great service to mankind that I have always thrived for. Welcome to world of varicocele-free life.

Help me regain Confidence and My Wife is Pregnant.

Age: 44

I have become a huge fan of natural and herbal remedies after using varicocele cure kit . This was a life-changing experience for me.

I had varicocele on both of my testicles. Complications were grown to alarming concerns. The looks were ugly and my wife started to mock me as she failed to conceive. I was also ashamed of exposing in front of her. Our relationship was about to end due to infertility, embracement and lack of self-confidence.

Then I browsed on the net looking for solution and the product hit me. It claimed to treat complications I wanted to get rid-of. It took only 3 months for me to get back in exposable shape and my wife to get pregnant.

All signs of ugly varicocele were gone. I now feel like a complete man with immense self-confidence.

Christian, London, United Kingdom, (UK)

A Painless Cure, I Was Looking For After Going Through Two Varicocelectomy.

I developed varicocele on my both testicles when I was 24 years old. I let it unattended at that time for nearly two years until when I started having erection problems and begin to lose interest in sexual activities due to premature ejaculation and low sperm count.

At that age, it was a worry indeed. I didn’t thought nor searched much and just decided to undergo surgery. I went through two surgical operations at that time, and it was about 10 years ago.

To cut short, my varicocele problem reoccurred. My previous experience was painful, horrifying and disturbing indeed. So, I just wanted a cure without any surgery or embolization. I came to know about Varicocele Cure kit online and I immediately decided to buy the products and try after seeing the testimonies of others.

I have been taking it for 4 months and it has help me stop the pain and the ugly vein are no longer visible. It’s a wonderful product and it does everything that it claims to do and I am satisfied. My latest scrotal scan shows both left and right varicocele are completely cleared and I couldn’t believe the result, I just kept reading it over and over and it’s was unbelievable that natural herbs could heal varicocele. It works for me and I advise anybody having varicocele to try it and see evidence yourself.

I only wish I knew about it earlier to save myself from two painful surgery, which didn’t help me at all.

Thank you for such great products, God bless you.

  1. O Fredrick, Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

Natural Varicocele Treatment Help Me To Become A Father Again:

Me and my partner are happily married for 4 years now and have a 2 year old son. We planned two babies in 4 years with couple of year’s gap among them. Everything was going according to plan until we decided to have our 2nd child. When we knew that my wife is not conceiving due to infertility, we went for a comprehensive diagnosis to search for the reasons. My healthcare provider told me that I might have varicocele. I told him that everything is fine and I don’t feel any pain in my testicles either. He still told me to have ultrasound done to ensure whether I have it or not. Regrettably, my results for ultrasound show left varicocele and very low sperm counts.

My doctor told me that my varicocele was a reason behind my infertility disorder. I was shocked and surprised on how did I got varicocele. He told me there is nothing to worry about and suggested to me to have varicocele surgery but it doesn’t sound too good for me, so I was keen to try anything else except surgery.

While searching for alternative, I can across your website and I was convince to try it, since it’s natural and treatment sound good, I order for the complete varicocele treatment plan for 4 months.

The products was easy to use and in 6 weeks, I notice alot of positive improvement in my body and sperm, which encourage me to follow all the suggestion during my treatment. My wife got pregnant during the last month of my treatment and after treatment, my doctor was shocked how my varicocele vanished without surgery. Actually, the product also enabled me to get longer erections, more satisfying sexual experiences than ever.

Thank You. John, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. (UAE)


“I was diagnosed with varicocele last year and my doctor said that my only option was to have surgery. That was the last thing I wanted so I did some research and discovered the Natural Varicocele Cure Kit. In just 5 weeks, I noticed a huge change in my sex drive and I had more energy than I’ve had in years and my girl just cant behave the sudden change in sexual life!” R. Davis, Palm Beach, Florida, United States.

“I noticed my left testicle was causing me some discomfort and it was abnormally larger than my right one. My doctor told me I had varicocele Grade 2 and that the only way for me to get better was with surgery. No way was someone cutting my man parts! A colleague told me I might want to try a more natural treatment and that’s how I did a search on google and found your website, I read about the Natural Varicocele Cure Kit. I was skeptical at first but I decided to give it a try, because of the pressure in my scotum but thank God I did, as I started noticing my testicle returning to normal size and I also wasn’t hurting anymore. I recommend using the Varicocele Cure Kit and am sure you wont need any costly surgery at all, it works.” Mr Danjuma, Garki – Abuja, Nigeria

Natural Varicocele Cure Kit Cost And Ordering Below

When it comes to treating varicocele, there are not many conventional options that can provide complete healing and prevention of recurrence, hence the reason why many patients feel insecure and confuse about using such treatment options like surgery and embolization where chances of recurrence always remain and is not absolutely dependable in terms of results and patient’s satisfaction.

So therefore, everyone has a right to be conscious about their health and get exactly what they want…..that is a complete Cure from Varicocele. Fortunately, Natural Option does this and beyond. A major reason of Natural Varicocele Cure Kit Products to become a success is that it is based on the concept of 100% complete recovery that nature has offered.

Natural Varicocele Cure is a comprehensive treatment with powerful herbs well known for centuries, without any side-effects or need of surgery. It tackle every aspect of varicocele and get rid of it along with the associated symptoms Like Pain, Discomfort, Low Sperm Counts, Sexual Disorders, Visual Ugliness Of Testicles, once and for all.

The Good News is that you can start noticing improvement as early as 3 – 6 weeks on the treatment and majority of our clients are pain free in few weeks but complete cure and total disappearance of varicocele take 4 months treatment.

variNatural Varicocele Cure Kit is especially designed to tackle the root cause of varicocele and heal varicocele naturally, helps to repair abnormality and dilated veins in the scrotum causing varicocele and get rid of any symptoms of varicocele such as testicular pain, discomfort, swollen testicle or reduce than normal side scrotum. Promote better circulation in the testicular region to enhance production of mature sperm in fastest time possible. Works for all grades of varicocele.

Natural Varicocele Cure Kit is Designed To:-

  • Help to heal the dilated pampiniform venous plexus and resolves varicocele naturally without any side effects or recurrence
  • Assist to clear and normalize swollen, Ugliness, lumpy feeling and enlargement of the scrotum
  • Repair the abnormality of the veins that supports the testicles and reverse reduce or shrunk testicle to normal range.
  • Get rid of pains, discomfort, agony associated with varicocele
  • Brings balance and harmony to the body and ensures healthy sperm production.
  • Reduces pressure and spooling of blood in testicular region and scrotal sac
  • Regulate the temperature in the testicles that contribute to defective and damage sperm
  • Improve the flow of blood in the testes and enhance the production of mature sperm cell and richer sperm texture
  • Have double effects of curing varicocele and increasing sperm counts, improves motility and morphology
  • Boosts sex drive and encourage better erection, longer ejaculation and increase testosterone
  • Assist to improve quality of sperm, reduces abnormal forms and prevent DNA/radical damage
  • Maximize the chances of becoming a father in men having infertility due to varicocele
  • Work for men who have previous undergo varicocelectomy and varicocele reoccur or whose sperm count haven’t improve after varicocele surgery and those still having pains, hydrocele, discomfort after varicocele surgery.
  • Works for any grades of varicoceles and men of all ages
  • Enhance Growth and maturity of sperm cells, reverse azoospermatism the most difficult infertility challenge associated with varicocele, improve sperm count from zero to normospermia, enable you to experience azoospermia treatment success
  • Beware of websites that steals the benefits of Natural Varicocele Cure Kit and help report plagiarism to us
  • 100% Organic & Allergy Free

Natural Varicocele Cure Kit Contains:-

  • Body Cleansing Kit
  • VaricoCure Blend (4 Month Supply)
  • Natural Varicocele Cure Manual.

Total-body-cleansing-kitEssential Body Cleansing Kit is 30 days of cleansing and detoxification of the entire body and reproductive organs (Colon, Liver/Gallbladder, Kidney/Bladder, Parasite/Immunity for Women and Wen) with powerful organic herbs to get rid of inside/out accumulated waste and impurities that causes health challenges, detoxify and expel the bloodstream of toxins, bacteria and parasites, fight inflammations and aging related issues contributing to infertility and boost fertility, improve digestion and healthy weight, enhance strong immune system and promote over-all body functions at its optimal healthy level. Clear up many health complaints and make body less prone to illness, prevent health crisis before they occur and gives benefits beyond fertility and wellness. Speed up healing and increase the effective of herbal treatment by 300%. Only One Time Cleanse Required 

Essential Body Cleansing Kit Cost=N=60,000 ($188)

medicine1VaricoCure Blend  is herbal formula designed to heal varicocele naturally and resolves abnormal enlargement and twisted veins in the scrotum, relief testicular pain, discomfort, scrotal swollen and atrophy. promote better circulation in the testicular region to enhance production of mature sperm in fastest time possible.

VaricoCure Cost =N=120,000 ($288) 1 Month Supply


Natural Varicocele Cure Kit is especially designed to tackle the root cause of varicocele and heal varicocele naturally, helps to repair abnormality and dilated veins in the scrotum causing
varicocele and get rid of any symptoms of varicocele such as testicular pain, discomfort, swollen testicle or reduce than normal side scrotum. Promote better circulation in the testicular region to enhance production of mature sperm in fastest time possible. Works for all grades of varicocele.

Natural Varicocele Cure Kit Cost =N=450,000 ($1,250 USD)
  • 4 Months Supply (120 Days) Complete treatment

Here’s some more success stories from those individuals who ordered the natural varicocele cure kit below and I hope to include you on my list of our successful men sometime soon.

Help me enjoy normal sex life and my wife is also 6 months pregnant!

“My wife and I were trying to get pregnant and I was having trouble maintaining an erection. After talking with my doctor, he diagnosed me with varicocele and recommended having outpatient surgery. Neither one of us wanted to go through the inconvenience of having to deal with that so we opted for a more natural alternative. I tried the Varicocele Cure Kit, and knew I made the right choice! Not only were we able to return to our normal sex life but my wife is 6 months pregnant!” Mr. Bamidele, Ekeki, Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, Nigeria

“I was having some pain and discomfort in my testicles and was afraid to go to the doctor. It wasn’t getting any better and I knew I had to make an appointment. He diagnosed me with varicocele but I didn’t get help because I didn’t want to go under the knife. Finally, I realized that I couldn’t wait any longer and had to do something. I did some research and decided that the Natural Varicocele Cure Kit was my best option. I’m so glad I made that choice! My pain went away, I felt better and I had no problems getting an erection. Thanks for giving me my life back!” John, Canada.

“I was told that I had to have a surgical procedure to cure my varicocele. I didn’t want to have surgery or deal with taking time off to heal. I’m not usually one to try “natural” remedies but in my case, I figured it was worth a shot. After I started taking VaricoCure, I started noticing a major difference in how I felt and in my sex drive. I had more energy and felt healthier than I have in a long time. And to be honest, I felt like I was 18 again in the bedroom! Definitely give this a try if you’ve been diagnosed with varicocele.” J. Martin, Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Natural Varicocele Cure Kit

I had a varicocele grade 4, and my urologist friend was not in favor of surgical treatment. He said, “Surgery could affect fertility”. At any cost, I wanted to have a baby right away. I was deeply disappointed with my lot because I did not know how to reverse varicocele naturally. I was told about Natural Varicocele Cure Kit and I thought about trying it. It proved to be a miracle for curing severe varicocele as my recent scrotal studies was varicocele free and my count improve from 6 Millions to 68 Millions and my Motility was excellent.

My young little doll is a valid proof for effective natural varicocele treatment. I was shocked that my Hemorrhoid pains have also improve and it was very easy to use the Natural Varicocele Cure Kit.

I can’t tell you how much the Natural Varicocele Cure Kit have save my marriage, my wife was already losing faith. Thank you. Jalandhar, India.

Doctor Approved –

“My name is Dr. Adam Garrett and I recommend the Natural Varicocele Cure Kit as a natural alternative to surgery for my patients. Most men are apprehensive about having surgery in such a delicate area and I try to make sure my patients have every option available to them. When using the kit, my patients have expressed how much better they felt just after a few weeks of taking treatment and how easy it was compared to dealing with the complications that can arise from varicocelectomy surgery. I highly suggest the Natural Varicocele Cure Kit to anyone experiencing discomfort from varicocele or wish to be a father but have been diagnosed with varicocele.”


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