Unblock Fallopian Tubes Naturally And Get Pregnant

Blocked fallopian tubes also known as tubal blockage is a major cause of infertility in women, because it can prevent pregnancy from occurring. Infertility in women due to blocked fallopian tube or hydrosalpinx is a matter of serious concern. Usually women have normal periods without any stomach pain or symptom and it is shocking for them when they learn about their fallopian tubes being blocked. Until they go for medical test they might not know about the tubal blockage, salpingitis or blocked fallopian tube obstruction.

Blocked Fallopian Tubes

What Are Fallopian Tubes

Fallopian tubes are a pair of very thin ducts stuck to the both sides of uterus. These fallopian tubes connect ovaries with uterus transporting eggs from ovaries to uterus where fertilization takes place. Sometimes, infections or scarring from previous surgical treatments causes blocked fallopian tubes and women are no longer able to conceive naturally.

How Does Blocked Fallopian Tube Result In Infertility?

When ovulation takes place, it releases an egg from the ovary and this egg journeys through fallopian tubes to reach the uterus. On the other way, sperm cells also need swimming through uterus and fallopian tubes to meet egg which is necessary for pregnancy. In case of blocked fallopian tubes, egg does not reach uterus and sperm also fails to meet egg thus blocked fallopian tubes result in infertility, often make it harder for any woman to become pregnant.

Causes Of Blocked Fallopian Tubes

There are a number of reasons that contribute to the fallopian tubes blockage such as:

  • Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)
  • Family planning (remains of birth prevention drugs may block fallopian tubes)
  • Bacterial infections such as Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhea
  • Continuous abortions may also damage fallopian tubes
  • Past Surgery could cause Scarring, Adhesion, Scar tissues
  • Reoccurrence Infection and Ectopic pregnancy tighten fallopian tubes
  • Trauma leads towards blocked fallopian tubes
  • Unhygienic delivery may also damage fallopian tubes
  • Endometriosis and tightness of organs nearby fallopian tubes cause vaginal infection
  • Ruptured appendix and abdominal surgery may also block fallopian tubes

Types Of Fallopian Tubes Blockages

There are different types of fallopian tubes blockage, because fallopian tube can be blocked due to several reasons in different locations but the most common types of fallopian tubes blockage is as follows:-

  • Hydrosalpinx

Hydrosalpinx is a specific condition in which the fallopian tube is filled with the fluids due to an infection or damage. In normal situations, fallopian tubes get eggs from the ovaries. Sperm and egg meet in the fallopian tubes and then fertilized egg goes down to uterus (womb). If any damage occurs with the delicate fallopian tubes, it stops conception.

Sometimes one fallopian tube gets damaged by Hydrosalpinx and sometimes both the tubes, when only one tube is damage by Hydrosalpinx there is very little chance that the women can still conceive but the chance is reduced compare to women having both tubes patent and in good condition. Women affected by severe tubal damage have to look for In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) to get pregnant or other options.

Fallopian tubes get damaged due to untreated tubal infection, sexually transmitted disease (STD) such as gonorrhea, chlamydia and damaged appendix. Fallopian tubes have very delicate fimbria extended to ovary and surgical treatment damages fimbria. Fimbria unite sperm and egg for fertilization but if fimbria are damaged, they block fallopian tubes. Excessive accumulation of fluids in the fallopian tubes stops fimbria from performing their function of carrying egg to sperm.

Medical Diagnosis & Treatment Options for Hydrosalpinx

Hydrosalpinx is diagnosed by using x-ray, ultrasound, laparoscopy and hysterosalpingogram (HSG). If tubal blockage or hydrosalpinx is not very severe, it can be repaired by surgical process to get pregnant naturally. Medical term used for this process is neosalpingostomy. Few women can benefit from neosalpingostomy but it is not very useful for every women. Overall consequences of neosalpingostomy are not satisfactory rather it increases the risk of life-threatening ectopic pregnancy. Women disappointed with neosalpingostomy are usually recommended IVF but In Vitro Fertilization is too expensive to afford for couples with average budget but there are other natural option to heal hydrosalpinx naturally and get pregnant, to learn about natural hydrosalpinx treatment Click here

  1. Pyosalpinx

Pyosalpinx is the presence of excessive pus in the fallopian tubes. Blockage of fallopian tubes with pus takes place in response to pelvic inflammatory diseases (PID). And this inflammatory disease results in tubal adhesion and destruction of fimbria. Too much increase in pus within the fallopian tubes makes it swollen. Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhea cause PID and they are sexually transmitted bacteria. And these bacteria enter the reproductive system during abortion process, using intrauterine devices or childbirth process. Initially, infection starts within vagina but it affects uterus and fallopian tubes within short time.

Women suffering from excessive vaginal discharge, weakness and pelvic pain must go for medical checkup for instant treatment. Pelvic ultrasound helps diagnose pyosalpinx. After diagnosing this tubal infection, you can go for surgical treatment but surgery is also a risky way to fertility. If you want to avoid any health risk, you must seek holistic approach to unblock your blocked fallopian tubes. These holistic methods include organic ingredients such as herbal tampons, herbal supplement and douches along with fertility cleansing to get back your lost fertility due to pyosalpinx, to learn about pyosalpinx treatment Click here.

  1. Hematosalpinx

A medical condition of fallopian tubes in which blood accumulates in the fallopian tubes is called hematosalpinx. This severe tubal damage creates pregnancy complications rather it leads to ectopic pregnancy. When menstrual bleeding gets blocked due to vaginal septum or it releases into peritoneal cavity, hematosalpinx takes place. Other symptoms are uterine bleeding and pelvic pain and this tubal blockage leads to tubal pregnancy. Usually women find surgical treatment as the only way to get pregnant with their blocked fallopian tubes. Successful pregnancy rate with surgical treatment is below than average. Rather fibrous tissues within the fallopian tubes get fused during surgery and afterwards create tubal blockage and adhesion. Surgical treatment is not as reliable as natural treatment which include the six holistic step to repair damage tubes naturally.

  1. Salpingitis

Inflammation in fallopian tubes is called salpingitis and it not only leads towards permanent fallopian tubes blockage but also causes infertility. During sexual intimacy, chlamydia, staphylococcus, streptocossus and gonorrhea enter vagina and cause inflammation. This inflammation stimulates excessive secretion of fluid or pus within the fallopian tubes. If your one fallopian tube gets damaged, it transfers bacteria to the other tube through the lymph vessels. Chronic salpingitis occurs after abortion, after miscarriage, after insertion of IUD coil and after childbirth as well. This severe tubal blockage contributes to female infertility. Tubal blockage or salpingitis needs prompt treatment and if delay, it can destroy fallopian tubes. And damaged fallopian tubes would not let the eggs meet with the sperm cells.

In most of the cases, women does not realize they have salpingitis because there are no apparent symptoms of salpingitis. But if you are experiencing dysmenorrhea, painful ovulation, uncomfortable sexual intercourse, unusual spotting, unusual vaginal discharge, frequent urination, back or abdominal pain or fever, these symptoms might be related to chronic salpingitis.

Medical Diagnosis & Treatment Options For Salpingitis

Usually salpingitis is diagnosed through general examination, blood test, laparoscopy, mucus swab and pelvic examination.

In time treatment of salpingitis will save you from other complications such as infection in uterus or ovaries. Surgery, Strong Antibiotics and hospitalization are commonly practiced treatment options for salpingitis but there is also natural treatment for salpingitis including, Click here for natural salpingitis treatment

Location Of Fallopian Tube Blockages

Medical research refers to four different locations for blocked fallopian tubes.

  • Proximal Tubal Blockage
  • Midsegment Tubal Blockage
  • Fimbria Complications
  • Distal Tubal Obstruction

Proximal tubal blockage: takes place within isthmus after infection originated from childbirth complications, pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), miscarriage, abortion and regular usage of birth control drugs.

Midsegment tubal block: takes place in result of tubal ligation injury. It happens when women try to prevent pregnancy forever through surgical procedure namely tubal ligation. Sometimes women want to get pregnant after preventing pregnancy for years and they take risk of removing tubal ligation. Such life-threatening steps damage tissues and cause midsegment tubal blockage.

Fimbria complications: damage fimbriae and prevent egg releasing from ovary to fallopian tubes.

Distal tubal obstruction: affects the end section of fallopian tubes. It takes place in result of sexually transmitted Chlamydia trachomatis septicity. This infection causes fallopian tube shrinking and pelvic pain.

Whatever part of fallopian tubes gets damaged, it affects fertility. Women suffering from PID, uterine fibroids, abdominal surgery or ectopic pregnancy are easy prey of blocked fallopian tubes and sometimes when uterine fibroids are large they can compress on the fallopian tube causing blockage and preventing egg fertilized by sperm.

How To Diagnose Blocked Fallopian Tubes?

It’s not easy to diagnose blocked fallopian tubes outwardly but medical science has introduced some medical tests for prompt diagnosis of blocked fallopian tubes.

  1. Hysterosalpingogram (HSG)

HSG or Hysterosalpingogram testing (particular x-ray) is an advanced way to diagnose blocked fallopian tubes. During this particular diagnosis process, a very tiny tube is inserted through incision to pour dye in the cervix. After placing dye in the cervix, an x-rays covering your pelvic section is taken. If dye goes through uterus and fallopian tubes normally and flows around the ovaries within the pelvic opening, there is no fallopian tube blockage. But, if the situation is opposite, it means there is a blockage in the fallopian tubes.

However, surgical dye may result in temporary unblocked fallopian tubes but this is not permanent solution. Women practicing surgical dye to open blocked fallopian tube may have to suffer from recurrence blocked fallopian tubes afterward, surgical dye treatment. It also adds to the risks of inflamed tissues without fixing damages caused by fallopian tubes blockage.

  1. Sonohysterography or Ultrasound

Ultrasound imaging or sonohysterographyis another way to diagnose blocked fallopian tubes or any sort of irregularity in the reproductive system. This is quite a safe process for quick detection of fallopian tubes blockage and it is used to track down likely problems e.g. uterine fibroids, ovarian cyst, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and other women and male fertility disorder.

Fallopian tubes are very thin and they require powerful diagnosis method to detect blockage. When we talk about sonohysterography or ultrasound, they are not very effective or reliable for exact checkup of blocked fallopian tubes, HSG is more reliable.

  1. Chromotubation

Chromotubation is performed during laparoscopy to observe dye releasing from fallopian tubes. In fact, when HSG method is applied to trace the blockage in fallopian tubes, it is unable to see dye on x-ray. In such situations, chromotubation test brings clear-cut diagnostic report regarding blocked fallopian tubes but it requires laparoscopy surgery.

Laparoscopic surgery removes scar tissues but your age and blockage condition matters and most likely this medical option does not work without risk.

Medical Science Offers Multiple Solutions To Unblock Blocked Fallopian Tubes

More than 40% of women suffer from blocked fallopian tubes and they intend to put their time and efforts into practice to unblock blocked fallopian tubes. No doubt, fallopian tubes are very thin in size and it is difficult to bring them back to functioning after damage. However, today’s medical science offers multiple solutions to unblock blocked fallopian tubes.

Tubal Surgery

Abdominal surgery is performed through very small incision to restore or preserve the functions of fallopian tubes. Therapeutically performed tubal surgery includes tubouterine implantation, tubotubal anastomosis and salpingostomy. With salpingostomy process, doctors remove the particular part of your fallopian tube blockage. Main purpose of unblocking blocked fallopian tubes with salpingostomy is to create another opening in fallopian tube close to the ovary. But tubal surgery is not a permanent solution and women have to suffer from fallopian tubal blockage again within very short time and there is risk of adhesion.

Tubal Cannulation

Tubal cannulation is another helpful option that proves helpful to unblock blocked fallopian tubes. Surgeon places catheter (tube) controlling it with a wire and he follows real-time ultrasound results to reach the exact area. He uses balloon on tubes to unblock the blocked fallopian tubes. Tubal cannulation is performed after selective salpingography. Doctors usually give tranquilizer to keep your nerves relaxed. This medical option is not invasive or expensive and you do not have to stay in a hospital for tubal cannulation but the chance of conception is limited.


Fimbrioplasty is an approved process designed to unblock blocked fallopian tubes. It preserves or restores the functions of fallopian tubes to improve fertility. If you are going to try with fimbrioplasty, you must make sure that you have been diagnosed of tubal infertility. This operation will attempt to unblock fallopian tube but the operation is not recommended to everyone because it is more expensive than the result it offers. Success rate with fimbrioplasty is 10-20% only.

Tubal Reanastomosis

Surgical process of tubal reanastomosis involves outpatient settings to remove blocked or tied fallopian tubes replacing these specific areas with well-designed replacement.

Risks Involved In Tubal Surgery

Whatever type of tubal surgery you opt for, it increases the risk of scar tissues and adhesion. Again there is also a risk of blocked fallopian tubes re-occurrence after you have gone through tubal surgery. Surgical procedure also adds to the risks of pelvic infection, more scarring, ectopic pregnancy and there are many negative after effects associated with these procedures.

Is IVF The Only Method To Fertility Or Conception?

If you are a woman wishing to get pregnant but fail due to fallopian tubes blockage, it’s imperative that you treat your fallopian tube blockage. You may opt for in vitro fertilization (IVF) to by-pass the blocked fallopian tubes to assist conception but this is not the only way to fertility. Sometimes, women with blocked fallopian tubes have to practice IVF more than 2 – 5 times or even more but even then they fail in conceiving, chances are even far less for women having hydrosalpinx as fluid in fallopian tube keeps interfering with their fertilization or result in early miscarriage.

Despite being safe with fewer side effects, IVF is not as successful as experts expect it to be. Moreover, IVF is a costly solution to avoid fallopian tube blockage and it may cost up to thousands of dollars without guaranteed coverage of fertility treatments and many women are often disappointed and depressed after many failed attempts while few women are luck but the percentage is too poor compare to the failure.

Meanwhile, there are natural options to unblock your fallopian tubes and these options are 100% risk-free and give better success pregnancy rate and permanently open the fallopian tubes without re-occurrence. It’s called FalloCure Blocked Fallopian Tube Kit which I have use for my private clients with excellent results, without any side effect. It is often more effective, easier and safer to go with natural herbal treatments designed with the intention of healing blocked fallopian tubes without any invasive surgical procedures.

Six Natural Steps To Unblock Fallopian Tubes Naturally.

The most effective alternative for unblocking of fallopian tubes naturally is also available called FalloCure Blocked Fallopian Tube Kit. Chinese made great research on natural ways to unblock or reopen blocked fallopian tubes and their research is fruitful as well. These natural therapies treat tubal factor infertility without surgical procedures.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) have been effectively used to treat tubal blockage, endometriosis and uterine adhesion to restore fertility in women. China conducted research based on clinical studies that showed encouraging results by clearing tubal blockage with Chinese herbs to restore fertility and help natural conception without IVF.

Herbal Research conducted at Shenzhen Municipal Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Guangdong, China in 2005 showed over 82.22% effectiveness rates after using Traditional Chinese herbs. Another case study by Dr Peter Deadman published in the Journal of Chinese Medicine, where he successfully treated women with both (bilateral) blocked tubes with Chinese herbs, massage and acupuncture, thus restoring possibility of pregnancy on their own without surgery.

Many of the methods and techniques used by Traditional Chinese Doctors and Fertility Specialists in China and USA to heal fallopian tubes naturally are integrated into the 6 steps natural approach to unblock fallopian tubes with additional steps which increase your chances to 600%, above the percentage achieve in China with just 1 – 2 steps approach only and produce guaranteed results than approach of systemic enzymes or proteolytic enzymes use in USA.

FalloCure Blocked Fallopian Tube Kit is the only comprehensive natural blocked fallopian tube treatment available today, include the ancient chinese medicine (TCM) known and study to unblocked fallopian tubes and tackle any types of tubal blockages and severely damaged fallopian tubes, Acute/chronic pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), leukorrhea, Salpingitis, uterine adhesion to restore fallopian tube patency and uterine health, no matter how long the tubes have been blocked and facilitate chances of natural conception.

Instead of trying to drink herbal tea daily or even trying the less effective kits or tampons out there until you see improvements in your health state, but what about the risk of ectopic pregnancy which could cause lost of one or both fallopian tubes, I believe the issues is more crucial than trials steps or procedures, but why not go for the most powerful blocked fallopian tube kit available on the market, the one that is formulated with herbal strength of 20:1, which is highly potent and work synergistically for 600% effectiveness? FalloCure is 6 times more powerful than any other product you can find out there because it combines all the known natural treatments for blocked fallopian tubes into one single, powerful and completely safe treatment kit. Many women reported to have gotten their tubes unblocked within just 3 – 4 weeks with FalloCure Blocked Fallopian Tubes and that further explain its efficacy.

FalloCure Blocked Fallopian Tube Kit is the best available alternative method that can help you get pregnant naturally without surgery. This all-inclusive treatment breaks down scar tissues, adhesion and works on any location of tubal blockage, including ampulla, isthmus, distal, fimbria and proven to works on damaged, enlarged, dilated, twisted, tortuous fallopian tube as well as fluid filled fallopian tube and get fallopian tubes back in the right position. FalloCure Blocked Fallopian tubes also removes debris, drains fluid buildup and restore fallopian patency to increase the possibilities of pregnancy the natural way.

Benefits Of FalloCure Blocked Fallopian Tube Kit Are Below:

  • Helps to disperse stagnant blood, obstructed channels and reduce inflammations of the fallopian tubes
  • Assist to soften and break up adhesions, scar tissues in fallopian tubes and penetrate directly to the pelvic region to clear any debris or mucus plugs
  • Promote healing of badly scarred or obstructed fallopian tubes either in one tube or bilateral tubal blockage.
  • Clear swelling associated with pus or fluid filled tubes and kill off bacterial infections
  • Improves fallopian tubes elasticity and prevent spasm of the fine muscles in walls of the tubes and internal environment of the tubes to enhance fertilization to take place
  • Eliminate bacteria and pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) which are persistent or resistance to antibiotic, boost stronger immune system to prevent reoccurrence and keep reproductive organs including pelvic cavity free from infections.
  • Increases blood circulation, nutrients and oxygen to ovaries, uterus and the fallopian tubes and get rid of abnormalities caused by previous surgery, inflammation, appendicitis, endometriosis or infection
  • Improves female fertility enabling them to get pregnant even if women are with blocked fallopian tubes or with one fallopian tube
  • Loosen restricted, twisted and tightening in the tissues of fallopian tubes by relaxing pelvic muscles and organs
  • Helps in killing damaging bacteria and toxicities that cause chlamydia and Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)
  • Improves hormonal balance to regulate menstruation, ovulation and enhance conception
  • FalloCure Blocked fallopian tube kit comes with blocked fallopian tube manual that explains step by step on how to use the FalloCure Blocked Fallopian Kit from the comfortable of your home and also includes additional tips to help faster conception as the fallopian tube is restored and other useful information for women having blocked fallopian tube with other issues like fibroids, hormonal imbalance, poor egg quality, PCOS or uterine adhesion or partner having low sperm count, staph infection etc.
  • Offer 100% Success than using single steps like herbal tampon only or herbal formula only or other few step process of unblocking fallopian tubes damages which offer lesser chances.
  • We are proud to say nothing else working better for blocked fallopian tube than fallocure blocked fallopian tube kit and we back it up with money back guarantee on it, so you have nothing to lose than getting your tubes restored.
  • Many women reported to have gotten their tubes unblocked within just few weeks with FalloCure Blocked Fallopian Tubes, which was due to FalloCure’s superpotent and efficacy.
  • Do you know other competitors are amaze with the success of FalloCure Blocked Fallopian Tubes Kit and they always visit our website to steal and copy FalloCure Kit benefits & testimonies to their website to deceive women or market their low standard kit, the reason is because they realize we are simply the best. We will be compiling the list & snaps of plagiarism website soonest to report to google, please support us by reporting to us, if you find any of our information unduly use elsewhere in nigeria or any other country.

The 6 steps natural approach involving in FalloCure Blocked Fallopian Tube Kit for unblocking fallopian tubes as follows:

Step 1: FalloCure Herbal Tampons Blend

FalloCure Herbal Tampon Blend is a very powerful and important step in the 6-steps natural approach to unblocked fallopian tubes. It’s a combination of traditional Chinese herbs especially designed to treat blocked fallopian tubes and the active ingredients in FalloCure Herbal Tampon is absorbed directly to the inflamed areas and the location of blockage which act quickly to resolves tube obstructions, remove stagnation and repair damaged tubes once and for all. It’s more effective than oral herbs for tubal blockage. This is surgery-free herbal treatment and it does not involve health risks like surgical treatment.

FalloCure herbal tampons are soaked into herbal decoction which have anti-bacterial effect to kill yeast or bacteria within female reproductive system. Fallocure tampon remedy break down scar tissues and adhesions, reduces tubal inflammation and pelvic infection without leaving any negative effect on fallopian tubes. It’s use at night for few hours so that herbal tampon may work effectively through vagina to fallopian tubes to restore tubal patency.

Few benefits of FalloCure Herbal Tampon Blend for unblocking fallopian tubes naturally as follows:

  • Have strong antibiotic activity in-vitro test to kill harmful viruses, yeasts, bacteria, fungus and keep pelvic region free of infections
  • Help to repair damaged and blocked fallopian tubes and clear all tubes channels
  • Reduce swollen and inflammation of fallopian tubes
  • release tubal adherent to surrounding structures, ovary or the reproduction organs.
  • Help to break up congealed blood obstructions, scar tissues and clear adhesions naturally

Step 2: FalloCure Herbal Formula

FalloCure Herbal Formula is specially designed for blocked fallopian tubes and are taken orally to unblock fallopian tubes naturally, it helps to break down adhesions and scar tissues obstructing the tubes, clear Pelvic Congestion/inflammation, heal hydrosalpinx (fluid in fallopian tubes), lochia and ensure Fallopian tubes are completely cleared and Hysterosalpingogram (HSG Test) usually confirmed freely flowing tubes.

FalloCure Herbal Formula is the second steps of the 6 steps natural approach and is meant to be used in combination with FalloCure Herbal Tampons to increase the success rate of unblocking fallopian tubes and effectiveness of the blocked fallopian tubes natural treatment. It’s has therapeutic effects on the female reproductive tracts, broad-spectrum bacteriostatic activity and microcirculation, which improves tissue edema, breakup blood stasis, eliminates pelvic diseases and scarring causing infertility in women.

FalloCure Herbal Formula contains FalloCure Step 1 and Step 2 but the FalloCure Capsule Step 1 is more powerful, highly favoured and distinguish because it enable you to take orally the same quantity and several chinese herbs used to unblocked fallopian tubes in chinese research in an easy to take way. It contains 18 chinese ingredients blended with highly concentrated chinese herbal extract minimum of 20:1 herbal strength, which enable you to take few herbal capsules while providing such amazing results achieve with large chinese herbal dosage successfully used in the past to unblocked tubes. If you must unblocked your fallopian tubes the naturally with rest of mind, efficacy and guarantee, then FalloCure Blocked Fallopian Tube Kit is your best option for success and avoid try your luck or error and fix of herbs or treatment, chinese herbs are wonderful but it’s required to be used in the same approach and proportion used in ancient times to produce same results.

Clinical studies conducted in china involving ingestion of relatively large doses of several chinese herbs mixture of herbal decoction for obstruction of the fallopian tubes and gynecological disorders indicated over 80% success and resulted in pregnancy or restored fertility. Which was due to chinese greater experience with using herbs and their the ability to offer large dosage of herbs used in ancient times, which usually requires drinking two to three times of strong herbal decoction daily of 90 – 150 grams per day as standard practice in china.

FalloCure Herbal Capsule Step 1 contains purely highly concentrated chinese herbal blend of 18 ingredients which is simply the best and have been proven effective in several studies and research and FalloCure Step 1 alone have being use to unblock partially and completely obstructed blocked fallopian tubes and also used during post-partum period, after giving birth to clear vaginal discharges containing uterine tissue, mucus, blood and prevent retained products and pelvic infections which frequently caused tubal blockage after childbirth.

while FalloCure Tablets Step 2 contains blends of enzymes known as Proteolytic enzymes, systemic enzymes and fibrinolytic enzymes and botanical herbs commonly used in USA.

Proteolytic, Systemic and Fibrinolytic are enzymes such as Nattokinase, Serrrapeptase, Rutin, Bromelain, Papain, Lumbrokinase that have not been used in any research for fallopian tubes yet but they have been used in many cases for inflammations and U.S Practitioners believe that these systemic enzymes could be beneficial for fallopian tubes too and they have had experience of success in few occasions.

With or without the blend of systemic enzymes and botanial herbs the Chinese herbs have shown to work alone but the systemic enzymes alone might not but yet the Fertility Experts still include the blends of Systemic enzymes such as (Nattokinase, Serrrapeptase, Rutin, Bromelain, Papain, Lumbrokinase) in FalloCure Tablets Step 2 along with other strong botanical herbs that is reputed for blocked fallopian tubes treatment to give the FalloCure Blocked Fallopian Tube Kit broad effects and still boost efficacy further.

FalloCure Herbal Formula Step 1 and Step 2 integrate precisely the traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that have been confirmed to unblocked fallopian tubes and modern methods of therapy of Proteolytic enzymes, systemic enzymes and fibrinolytic enzymes and organic botanical herbs that are deem beneficial for scar tissue and inflammation and imagine how powerful is just a single step in FalloCure Blocked Fallopian Tube Kit and not to talk of whole 6 steps treatment for blocked fallopian tubes.

FalloCure Blocked Fallopian Tube Kit gives rest of mind over unblocking fallopian tubes naturally and safely, work on the severe case of tubal blockage, uterine or cervical adhesion, stenosis and majority of times alot of women are able to unblock their fallopian tubes in a matter of just few weeks which was due to the efficacy, comprehensive and potency formulation of FalloCure Blocked Fallopian Tubes Kit. So rather than wasting times and putting your fallopian tubes at risk with fewer steps, less effective kits or tubal flushing, it is better to consider the 6 steps natural approach that contain all-inclusive techniques to tackle tubal obstruction and get the tubes in perfect working condition once and for all.

Step 3: FalloCleanse Douche

FalloCleanse Douche is specifically designed to cleanse vagina after taking out herbal tampons. It flushes out unwanted vaginal smell keeping vagina fresh and free from the risks of vaginal discharge, unpleasant odor, itching and infections.

Step 4: Total Fertility Cleansing Kit

Total Fertility cleansing Kit is a vital step in the 6 holistic steps to unblocked fallopian tubes, which I strongly advise not to omit and follow all the steps as outline if you are serious about healing your fallopian tube once and for all.

Total Fertility cleansing is fertility detoxification plan that removes all sorts of toxins to improve the functions of reproductive system and enable your body absorb the benefits of the FalloCure – Blocked Fallopian Tube Kit, without detoxification, your body might not be getting the full benefits as required from all steps. Total Fertility cleansing cleanse and detoxifies the entire body and all reproductive organs and help the body fight off disease and increase your success rate of opening your fallopian tubes and getting pregnant naturally.

Basic ingredients of the cleansing kit are effective organic herbs. These powerful herbs boost immune system, removing accumulated fluids and scar tissues from the blocked fallopian tubes so that you may get pregnant without any tubal obstruction. It’s treat the root cause of sterility disease and prevents PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids and PID to improve fertility and reverse all damage done to your health that leads to infertility. Using fertility cleansing, you can expel infertility from your life stepping towards healthy pregnancy.

Why Total Fertility Cleansing Kit?

It’s the first step for any woman ready for conception as it increases the effectiveness of all fertility treatment and let you cleanse your body to encourage fertility and prevent transferring toxins to your baby during pregnant, which could cause birth defect, still birth and late miscarriage.

It also help remove and detoxifies unnecessary/excess hormones, effects of birth control drugs or drug residues, pesticides, alcoholic remains, cleanse uterus by removing stagnant blood and old contents to enhances better circulations to uterus and fallopian tubes.

How Does Total Fertility Cleansing Kit Work?

Total Body/Fertility cleansing filters excess hormones and toxins to improve the liver health and uterine health. When the circulations to uterus get improved, it automatically leads towards balanced hormones and proper positioning of uterus. When everything around uterus is healthy, it results in balanced hormone production, regular menstruation and ovulation. It also strengthen the connection between ovaries and uterus for smooth fertility and help reverse aging of the entire reproductive organs which is benefit for anyone willing to get pregnant naturally. There are many cleansing in the market which are majorly for general wellness but the Total Body/Fertility Cleansing work more to the depth and specially target reproductive disorder and is so comprehensive that it can only be done once or twice in a year. For Total Fertility Cleansing Kit CLICK HERE

Step 5: FalloCentrate Therapy

Since remote past, herbalists have been recommending herbal treatment via different route specifically to treat infertility problems or reproductive system. FalloCentrate is an external therapy to get FalloCure medicinal formula to penetrate underneath the skin to support the steps used in treating blocked fallopian tubes or damaged fallopian tubes to further intensify your healing.

FalloCentrate will stimulate circulatory and lymphatic systems to speeds up healing process of repairing damaged tissues and blocked fallopian tubes.

Benefits of Using FalloCentrate

FalloCentrate is specially designed to absorb to the pelvic region, its medicinal ingredients, helps support the breakdown of scar tissue, adhesion and improves circulation to overcome pelvic pain, inflammation and also good for relieving pent-up stress that accumulated in the body while struggling with infertility. It’s calming and relaxing effects encourage sexual desire which leads to conception.

Few of the great benefits of using FalloCentrate

  • Improves tubal health and hasten the healing of tubal damage.
  • Increase circulation to the ovary and boost chances of ovulation
  • Help resolves ovarian cyst, follicular cyst or any other type of cyst located in ovary.
  • Improves uterine health and healthy pregnancy outcome.
  • Relieves stress, calm the body and eliminate stress that may hinder conception.

6. Free Blocked Fallopian Manual

This well-planned Blocked Fallopian Manual provides detailed and step-by-step information on how to use Blocked Fallopian Tube Kit and other effective conception tips.

This book contains healthy information on blocked fallopian tubes. Going through this manual, you will be familiar with the treatment and other useful tips to conceive even with your blocked fallopian tubes. It will also let you identify ovulation for natural fertility and offer great help for infertility issues such as PCOS, endometriosis, ovarian cysts and uterine fibroids, blockage fallopian tubes, amenorrhea, adenomyosis.

Blocked Fallopian Tube Manual also contains information on how you can incorporate Fertility Self Massaging in opening blocked fallopian tubes but the most powerful part is the FalloCure Tampon and the FalloCure Herbal Capsules and doing the massaging is optional but we generally advise to do few specific massaging therapy as instructed as it can also help improve the health of female reproductive system, fertility and monthly menstrual cycles and dysmenorrhea, which you can easily perform massaging therapy on your own body from the comfort of their home.

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Hear, What Our Clients Have To Say:-

My Bilateral Tubal Blockage was Unblocked and I am a Mother now.

“When I first visited your website, I had two options to either go for an extensive fertility treatment recommended by my doctor, or follow the natural remedies that was listed on your site. After much thought, I chose the latter, and I’m glad I did.

I was diagnosed with Bilateral tubal blockage 13 years ago and I have done flushing/microsurgery several times to unblocked my tubes but I am always amazed why it always remain blocked over and over again and I couldn’t get pregnant. The last time I visited my OBGYN he recommended IVF but I chose to follow the guidelines recommended on your website to unblocked blocked fallopian tubes naturally, I bought your FalloCure Blocked Fallopian Tube Kit which helped me tremendously in conceiving my child. I am now a proud mother of a three-month old daughter. Motherhood is great, and I love every minute of it.

Susan Harvey, Croydon, United Kingdom, (UK)

Got Pregnant With FalloCure Blocked Fallopian Tubes Kit Despite Having Only One Fallopian Tube.

My problem actually started when I had an ectopic pregnancy which resulted in the loss of one of my fallopian tube. After I recovered, I looked forward to getting pregnant again since the doctor said, the other tube is alright.

Months turned into years and nothing happened. I went back to hospital to find out what was wrong and my doctor carried out some test on me, then the doctor dropped the bombshell, “sorry you have fallopian tube blockage and you cannot get pregnant ”, except you open it surgically or go for IVF treatment. I almost passed out.

Out of desperation to conceive, I agree to surgically unblocked my tubes but I was completely devastated after two surgical procedures, I did not get pregnant and repeating the HSG again was very painful but I was keen on knowing why I wasn’t getting pregnant, I repeated the HSG test, the result reveal that my only fallopian tube is still blocked after opening it surgically twice. I lost all hope trying the same procedure, which the blockage would reoccur again.

We were looking into raising money for IVF when I read about FalloCure Blocked Fallopian Tubes Kit on internet. I was very skeptical at first because I don’t want anything that will waste my money and give me false hope but reading the contents of the FalloCure Blocked Fallopian Tubes Kit, I decided to give it a final try before going for IVF, so I order for it and it was deliver very fast.

I started with the products and within 2 weeks, I feel positive different in my body, it encourage me to dedicate more to the usage process, I continued taking it and in the 2nd month, I missed my period and I found I was pregnant.

It sounded unbelievable but the result was right there, My doctor was surprise and he ask about what I did, I told him about the FalloCure Blocked Fallopian Tube Kit and he said, he hasn’t heard about it before but will start recommending it to his patients with blocked fallopian tubes.

I am almost due for delivery and my baby is fine and kicking me every now and then. It is such a good feeling that has not stopped bringing tears of joy to my eyes. Fallocure Blocked Fallopian Tube Kit is number one as far as treatment of blocked fallopian tubes is concerned, I am a witness to that fact.

Chidinma Agwu, Port Harcourt, Nigeria

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Pregnant In 9 Weeks After Failed 2 IVF And Tubal Flushing.

I just got my pregnancy test result and guess what, it was positive. It confirm I am 10 weeks pregnant after 5 years of Agony.

But unfortunately, I am sad, while I am suppose to be glad, I am sad because I would have been pregnant earlier than now, if I never listen only to my doctor’s advice, I should have done my own research earlier, believe in nature and purchase the FalloCure Blocked Fallopian Tube Kit immediately I came across it.

I have bilateral blocked fallopian tubes and my doctor flush the tubes twice but it got blocked again and I got frustrated with the procedure and decided to research about other options for opening fallopian tube, after fail attempts to open it by tubal flushing my doc recommended. I did research online and I came across your website, every information seems right to me and I was pleased, I told my doctor about the product I discover but he discourage me and said there is no herbs that can unblock tube naturally.

I listen to him and went for IVF and after 3 failed attempts and total waste of money. I decided on my own to try FalloCure Blocked Fallopian Tube Kit and FertilWomen to balance my hormones and I got pregnant on my own.

I advice every other woman with fallopian tube issues to do their research and don’t base your option only on anyone’s advise, I did and it resulted in waste of money and time, because I have discover FalloCure Blocked Fallopian Tube Kit long time ago and I would have been pregnant earlier if I follow my heart and order the product but I disregard it because of my doctor’s advice and I am annoyed at myself but at the same time I am happy that I made the wise decision purchasing Fallocure Kit later. Now I am a strong believer of natural medicine. Thank You.

Mandisa K., Cafe town, South Africa

Thank God For Alternative Fallopian Tube Blockage Treatment & Way Out

My wife and i have been believing God for the fruit of the womb for close to 5 years.

We did HSG and found out my wife had bilateral hydrosalpinx. This made it difficult for the egg and sperm to come together for fertilization and even if they do, the water in the hydrosalpinx is toxic to the embryo. We decided to do IVF. We were told that for it to be successful my wife’s fallopian tubes would have to be removed because the fluid in fallopian tube will kill the embryo. We became distraught. IVF has between 20 to 30% success rate……a gamble and to now remove the tubes because of it was way too much.

We had no choice, so we started the process. We did all d investigations and we were about going for the salpingectomy when my wife came across fallocure blocked fallopian tube kit. She said we should try the hydrosalpinx treatment before proceeding with the tubal removal and the IVF.

We ordered for the fallocure blocked fallopian tube package and to God alone be the glory, my wife became pregnant after taking the fallocure treatment. Just a couple of weeks ago, we welcome of our bundle of joy……a handsome baby boy. To God be all the glory. Thank you Dollyhams for providing alternative fallopian tube blockage treatment and happy way out.

Mr & Mrs Kofoworola, Lagos State, Nigeria

FalloCure Kit Cost And Ordering Detail Below:

Many of the methods and techniques use for opening fallopian tubes in this products have been use for thousands of years in traditional Chinese medicine to unblocked fallopian and repair severe damages tubes to restore fertility and enhance conception. More additional steps are integrated in the 6-steps holistic approach to unblock blocked fallopian which increase your chances to 600%, above the percentage achieve in China with 1- 2 steps approach only or Single Step of Herbal Tampon Alone.

The Active substance founds in FalloCure Blocked Fallopian tube Kit helps to soften and breakdown scar tissues formation, clear adhesion, pelvic congestion and inflammation, dissolve mucus and debris naturally.

FalloCure Blocked Fallopian Tube KitFalloCure Blocked Fallopian Tube Kit Is Perfect Combination Of Scientific Basis’s Steps For Opening Blocked Fallopian Tubes And Getting Pregnant Naturally, Which Break Up Scars Tissues, Adhesion, Re-position Prolapsed/Tilt Uterus, Clear Pelvic Congestion And Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, Consist Of Fertility Cleansing Kit, FalloCure Herbal Tampon, FalloCure Herbal Formula Step 1 & 2, FalloCleanse Douche, FalloCentrate and Free Fallopian Manual That Explains Step-By-Step Of Using The Kit And Other Conception Tips.

Benefits Of FalloCure Blocked Fallopian Tube Opening Kit As Follows:

  • Helps to disperse stagnant blood, obstructed channels and reduce inflammations of the fallopian tubes
  • Assist to soften and break up adhesions, scar tissues in fallopian tubes and penetrate directly to the pelvic region to clear any debris or mucus plugs
  • Promote healing of badly scarred or obstructed fallopian tubes either in one tube or bilateral tubal blockage.
  • Clear swelling associated with pus or fluid filled tubes and kill off bacteria infections
  • Improves fallopian tubes elasticity and prevent spasm of the fine muscles in walls of the tubes and internal environment of the tubes to enhance fertilization to take place
  • Eliminate bacteria and pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) which are persistent or resistance to antibiotic, boost stronger immune system to prevent reoccurrence and keep reproductive organs including pelvic cavity free from infections.
  • Increases blood circulation, nutrients and oxygen to ovaries, uterus and the fallopian tubes and get rid of abnormalities caused by previous surgery, inflammation or infection
  • Improves female fertility enabling them to get pregnant even if women are with blocked fallopian tubes or with one fallopian tube
  • Loosen restricted, twisted and tightening in the tissues of fallopian tubes by relaxing pelvic organs
  • Helps in killing damaging bacteria and toxicities that cause chlamydia and Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) and fluid accumulation in the pouch of douglas.
  • Improves hormonal balance to regulate menstruation, ovulation and level of fertility in women of all ages.

FalloCure Blocked fallopian tube kit comes with User Manual that explains step by step on how to use the FalloCure Kit properly and also includes additional tips to help faster conception as the fallopian tube is restored.

FalloCure Blocked Fallopian Tube Kit Contains:-

  • Essential Fertility Cleansing Kit
  • FalloCure Herbal Tampon
  • FalloCure Herbal Formula Step 1 & 2
  • FalloCleanse Douche
  • FalloCentrate Therapy
  • FalloCure Manual and Guideline

FalloCure Blocked Fallopian Tube Kit Cost=N=800,000

3 Months Supply (90 Days)

Works For Both One Side and Two Side Blocked Fallopian Tubes Including types of Blockage Below:-

  • One Side Tubal Blockage Also Known As Unilateral Blocked Fallopian Tube
  • Two Side Fallopian Tubes Blockage Also Known As Bilateral Blocked Fallopian Tubes
  • Hydrosalpinx

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  • A study taken at the Shenzhen Municipal Hospital of Traditional Medicine in China showed the treatment of blocked fallopian tubes with traditional Chinese herbs and salpingostomy has an efficiency rate of 82.22%, while the same condition treated through salpingostomy only has lesser outcome in all cases treated. (Huang J., External application of Chinese drugs on acupoint Shengue combined with salpingostomy for treatment of sterility caused by obstruction of the fallopian tube – a clinical report of 45 cases, J Tradit Chin Med, 2005 Sept, 25(3): 174-6)
  • Another case study by Dr Peter Deadman published in the Journal of Chinese Medicine, where he successfully treated women with both (bilateral) blocked tubes with Chinese herbs, massage and acupuncture, thus restoring possibility of pregnancy on their own without surgery.
  • A study taken by Swedish researchers on the effects of acupuncture and TCM in treating infertility and on the uterine blood flow showed this type of approach can increase the blood flow in the reproductive system, increasing the chances for oocyte implantation and thus the chances of getting pregnant. (Stener-Victorin, E., Waldenstrom, U., Andersson, S. and Wikland, M., Reduction of blood flow impedance in the uterine arteries of infertile women with electro-acupuncture, Hum Reprod Biol., 1996, 11: 1314-7)
  • Another study taken in 2011 tested the effectiveness of TCM in female infertility issues and pregnancy and showed that compared to western medical treatment, Chinese herbal cures can improve the rates of pregnancy and restore the normal functioning of the reproductive system within short time. (Ried K, Stuart K., Efficacy of Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine in the management of female infertility: A systematic review, 2011, 19(6): 319-31)