Fertility Cleanse

Triple Your Chances Of Getting Pregnant Fast With Total Fertility Cleansing Kit, Works For Both Women And Men.

Conceiving a new life and bringing a child into the world is a wonderful experience. However, this joy unfortunately eludes many couples or anyone trying to conceive.

The root cause of almost all fertility problems in both men and women is bodily imbalance. To conceive, certain factors that are essential for conception need to be in balance. However, in many couples, this is not the case. This imbalance, in turn, prevents them from conceiving.

The solution to infertility is indeed a simple one – prepare your body well for conception, and you will conceive. As we said, “Small things can have a huge impact on our lives and fertility.”

Some may ask, “Preparing the body for conception? Isn’t our body supposed to do this naturally?” Yes, it is supposed to do this naturally, provided you give it clean air to breathe, pure water to drink, and chemical-free foods to eat. The truth is that most of us are overexposed to toxins, which affects our health in more ways than one. With a little help from us, the Total Fertility Cleansing Kit can effectively remove stored toxins, improve blood circulation, reverse aging and prepare the body for conception.

All women and men have the ability to contribute to conception. Some, however, are unable to do so either due to environmental reasons, such as overexposure to toxins, or certain biological reasons. Whatever the cause of infertility may be, you can become fertile by adopting a comprehensive natural fertility cleansing program.

What Is Fertility Cleansing?

Fertility cleansing program, in simplest and best terms, cleanse and detoxify the body of any infertility causing or delaying factors in both women and men, removes toxins from your body and prepares it for conception, reverse aging in women and prevent DNA sperm damage and peak fertility status in all ages.

Over the years, you accumulate harmful toxins in your body. These toxins affect your health adversely and may prevent you from conceiving. A fertility detox program does the following:

  • Removes harmful toxins
  • Restores hormonal balance
  • Optimizes blood circulation to the reproductive system
  • Prepares the body for conception
  • Ensure faster conception
  • Prevent miscarriage and avoid transferring any harmful impurities from maternal parent to the baby
  • Give excellent fertility status for couple trying to get pregnant naturally or through IVF, IUI, ICSI etc.
  • Prevent your baby from being expose harmful toxins and give birth to health baby and prevent the common health symptoms seen in newborn and avoid early/delay miscarriage, birth defect and stillbirth.

Our fertility cleansing system allows both the male and female reproductive systems to work the way nature meant them to work.

Note: You should never do fertility cleansing during pregnancy or while nursing a baby. During fertility cleansing, harmful toxins are expelled from the body. 


The Effect Of Toxins On The Reproductive System

According to the latest reports, infertility in both men and women is on the rise. This is attributed to increase in environmental toxins. Studies show that there is a definite link between infertility and chemical exposure.

Today air, water, and food contain higher quantities of xenoestrogen, a chemical substance that mimics the action of the female hormone estrogen, which plays a key role in menstruation and reproduction. Excess xenoestrogen disrupts the balance between estrogen and progesterone. This hormonal imbalance, known as estrogen dominance, in turn, may reduce the ability to conceive.

Toxins come from various sources, such as:

  • The air we breathe
  • The water we drink
  • Certain foods
  • Alcohol
  • Drugs
  • Cigarette
  • Plastic products
  • Certain cosmetic products

By using the right products, eating the right foods, and drinking clean water, we can reduce our exposure to toxins by a significant margin. However, as much we may want to, we cannot insulate ourselves completely from harmful chemicals.

What we can do though, is improve our body’s ability to remove these toxins. This is where a fertility cleansing program comes into the picture. A natural cleansing program aids the removal of toxins and improves overall health. That said, to resolve fertility issues, you need a cleansing program that does more than improve the functionality of some organs. You need a program that boosts the health of your reproductive organs as well.

This is where we come in. Our one of a kind fertility cleansing system can boost your chances of pregnancy by leaps and bounds, owing to its scientific use of the following cleanses:

  • Essential Fertility Cleansing Kit

The colon or large intestine is almost always ‘choked’ with toxins, due to which it can get enlarged and compress neighbouring organs. This can curb the supply and flow of blood to these regions, or even worse, leach waste matter or toxins into organs like the fallopian tubes, ovaries, and uterus.

Our colon cleansing kit is a mix of all-natural plants and herbs that reduce the size of the colon by flushing out excess waste material and ridding it of all the contaminants that can have a telling effect on the ability to conceive.

  • Liver Cleansing Kit

Each organ in our body performs specific functions. The liver is responsible for, besides other things, eliminating harmful toxins and excess hormones. Certain factors, such as overexposure to toxins, poor diet, liver deficiency, or poor general health may prevent the liver from carrying out this all-important duty to the best of its abilities. These can also cause estrogen-related diseases such as endometriosis, fibroids, and poor sperm count in males.

The natural herbs used in our fertility program stimulate the liver so that it can remove harmful toxins effectively.

  • Kidney Cleansing Kit

The kidneys and urinary bladder eliminate toxins from our bodies. However, these organs need to be detoxified too if conception is of prime importance to a couple. This is because poorly functioning kidneys have been linked to infertility. A research study conducted in Iran revealed that women who had kidney problems experienced a 33% rise in pregnancy rates after their conditions were treated.

In Ancient Chinese medicine, infertility is also linked to below average kidney energy. Good kidney health and energy stimulates Follicle Stimulating Hormone or FSH, which is responsible for both, follicular growth during pregnancy, and healthy sperm production in males.

Our fertility kit works wonders for men too. It detoxifies excess estrogen in males who have a surplus of this female hormone. Additionally, it boosts circulation to the reproductive system and betters general health and vitality. Sperm production is enhanced too, as is overall liver function.

  • Immune Boosting Blend

The endocrine system, which oversees hormone production and distribution in the body, can work well only if there is a proper circulation of blood. Good health of the endocrine system is critical for hormonal balance and for other bodily functions. The herbs in our fertility cleansing kit improve blood circulation to the endocrine glands and create an environment that is conducive to conception and boost immune system.


Over 88 Ingredients Are Using In The Total Fertility Cleansing Kit to maximize its efficacy

Fertility Cleanses are available in different forms. Some programs use teas, capsules, tablets other uses drinks and powder, and some other advocate radical diet shifts. Experience has shown us that using the 88 standardize ingredients offers better results in any form.

Who Needs Fertility Cleansing?

Anybody who has a problem conceiving children, irrespective of age and the cause of the condition, will benefit immensely from our fertility cleansing program. In addition, any man or woman who says ‘yes’ to one or more of the following questions stands to gain a lot from using our fertility kit-

  1. Do you want to boost your chances of getting pregnant quickly by 300%
  2. Are you trying to get pregnant or impregnate your partner?
  3. Have you ever being diagnose of any infection in the past?
  4. Do you have hormonal imbalance?
  5. Do you experience premenstrual syndrome (PMS)?
  6. Are you over 35 years of age
  7. Do you often experience fatigue for no apparent reason?
  8. Do you have reason of infertility or previous surgery?
  9. Do you often feel depressed or sad for no apparent reason?
  10. Do you experience headaches prior to a menstrual period?
  11. Do you experience nausea before, during, and/or after a period?
  12. Do you experience bloating prior to a menstrual period?
  13. Do you experience bloating after eating a meal?
  14. Do you have low sperm count or motility or morphogy?
  15. Do you often suffer from flu and cold?
  16. Do you have poor bowel movement or constipation?
  17. Do you have dark circles under the eyes?
  18. Do you have itchy skin, acne, or liver spots?
  19. Have you used any hormonal method of birth control?
  20. Do you often take non-prescription medicines?
  21. Do you smoke or drink alcohol?

How the Total Fertility Cleanse Works

Our 30-day Total Fertility Cleansing Kit works in several phases in the reproductive channel to super-charge fertility and hasten up conception

  • The Essential Body Cleansing Kit is a special cleansing and detoxification that detoxify the entire body systemically and also helps to relieves conditions such as constipation, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), and diarrhea and also detoxifies the large intestine.
  • Our Liver cleansing Kit stimulates liver function to improve its health and help it work to the best of its abilities. The liver phase starts from the day following the last day of the menstrual cycle and lasts until ovulation (in women).
  • The kidney cleansing kit must be availed for ten days, and it contains revitalizing cleansing ingredients  to detoxify the kidneys and increase the energy required for conception, exercise and maintaining an optimum weight.
  • The immune boosting Kit helps in eliminating harmful toxins, such as heavy metals and parasites that your body is unable to get rid of naturally and boost your immune system to protection the entire body against any invaders.

Why Only Total Fertility Cleansing And Not Any Other Type Of Cleansing?

If you have a headache, which medicine will you take – a medicine that treats headache or a medicine that treats stomach aches? Obviously, you will take the medicine that relives headache. So then, why would you choose any other type of cleansing for restoring fertility?

Any other cleansing program will do only half the job. If you are experiencing infertility, you need total fertility cleansing that is specially design for infertility, that works specifically on the reproductive system, improves the health of the endocrine system and kidneys to support fertility at the core level. Only an effective fertility detox program like ours can provide these benefits.

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Fertility Cleansing and FertilWomen was my rescue and I am expecting my third child.

After Obinna and I got married, it did not take time for us to have our first child. After our first child, we decided I was going to give a gap of at least three years before having another child since I am a businesswoman who is always traveling. In between shuttling in and out of the country, I nurtured my son and watched him gradually but steadily growing up. 22 months after the birth of my son, I missed my monthly period and thought I was pregnant but after a pregnancy test result showed otherwise. The same thing happened the next month and that was when I knew there was problem.

I went to a specialist hospital in the company of my husband. Some tests were carried out and when I went back on the scheduled day for the test result, it showed that I was suffering from amenorrhea (absent period). It was the type of news that was difficult to digest and I saw my dreams of having a large family diminishing right before my eyes. The specialist advised I opt for fertility treatment which I agreed to immediately.

After several treatments that spanned over five years without any visible result, I was not just disappointed but despaired. A friend of mine who is living in Port Harcourt then told me about Total Fertility Cleansing and FertilWomen. She said the products have helped her and a lot of women who had infertility issues and suggested I tried it. I did and two months later, I saw my period for the first time in five years and 4 months after, I conceived and had my second child.

I notice the fertility cleansing and fertilwomen makes me super-fertile and right now, I am in the first trimester of my third pregnancy. Thank you for coming to my rescue.

Christabel, Lagos, Nigeria

Pregnant Naturally After 5 Failed IVF Rounds And IUI

I will like to take this opportunity to thank Dollyhams Health for properly diagnosis me and my husband, we have been battling with infertility for over 12 years. We had practically tried everything, including five rounds of IVF and 2 rounds of IUI, which all failed and it had terribly affected us financially.

Meanwhile, when I came across one of Dollyhams article in Unwind Magazine, I was a little skeptical but something told me to just give it a try. Today, I thank God I did.

Dollyhams Health has finally put an end to our years of sorrow. I realized Dollyhams is not about giving a prescription or selling products. Dollyhams Health recommends a proper diagnosis and appropriate tests, which my husband and I decided to follow.

It was discovered I have high FSH level and poor egg quality, I was recommended Total Fertility Cleansing, FertilEgg, FertilWomen and Self Massage for Fertility to reduce my high fsh level and improve my egg quality which was one of the major reason why my IVF & IUI might have failed and my husband order for Fertility Cleansing Kit, FertilMen and StaphCure as he was diagnosis of oligospermia and staph infection.

Within 8 weeks, I was pregnant with my first child. I wish I had known about this a long time ago, it would have saved us a lot of painful years and a lot of expense.

When I called Dollyhams Health, for the first time I was able to talk to someone, who had so much experience and I thank God I did because that call changed our lives. Whenever we look at our little baby we always give God the praise.

Mrs and Mrs Olushola, Victoria Island, Lagos State, Nigeria.

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My story have finally changed. Hallelujah.

My husband and I got married 7 years ago. Before we got married, we had dated for 4 years but continued putting a hold on getting married because his family wanted me to get pregnant before they paid my dowry, which is a tradition that is prevalent in most regions, including mine.

One year after our wedding and having no luck getting pregnant, my mother in-law came down to the city to see me and ask me why I have not been able to conceive. My husband defended me, saying I had to finish my youth service before settling and raising children.

Three years later, with a diagnosis of hormonal imbalance, it was still the same old story. There is hardly any part of Nigeria I did not travel to in my pursue to get pregnant. I even had to go to most of the expensive hospitals and had IVF treatments, which, at every point, failed woefully. In other cases, various types of native concoctions with unimaginable ingredients were prepared and I consumed them all, praying and hoping to get pregnant. I attended every crusade or retreat being arranged in any part of the country. Yet, still no pregnancy.

At a point, I even had to travel out of the country for series of fertility tests and subsequent treatments and hitherto, nothing happened. I became an object of ridicule in my husband’s hometown. I was named a witch who had eaten up all the babies in her womb.

After years of torture and humiliation and totally a shadow of my former self, a friend introduced me to Dollyhams Health ‘s total fertility cleansing kit, I agreed to try but half-heartedly. When I started the fertility cleansing, I noticed positive improvements in just 10 days and even lose weight. All the hormonal drugs and IVF procedures over the years had, unfortunately, caused me to gain excess weight, and with fertility cleansing I felt my body coming back to when I was a teenager. Moreover, I immediately called to tell Dollyhams Health about my progress and they advised me to take FertilWomen to boost ovulation and help me get pregnant faster, which was deliver to me in Bayelsa.

In the middle of the second month of using Fertilwomen, I was always feeling dizzy, so I went to the hospital for some tests, thinking I had malaria or typhoid but lo and behold, the test result showed I was 6 weeks pregnant.

I could not believe it but right now, I am nursing a 3 month old baby and my in-laws are practically at my beck and call. Life has never been so good. I have recommended same products to some women in my church and right now, 3 out of 4 of them are pregnant.

I highly recommend every women trying to get pregnant should give Fertility Cleansing Kit and FertilWomen a try, it will surely change your story forever!!!. What more can I say than “THANK YOU”.

Phiri Odoko, Bayelsa. Nigeria

Unrivaled treatments and compassion of dollyhams to male infertility.

My name is Frank and my diagnosis is a case of male infertility. You can’t imagine how low my self-esteem shattered when I realized that I am incapable of getting my lovely wife pregnant as a result of low sperm count and poor sperm motility. This happened to be my second marriage after the first one packed up after 8 years of childlessness.

As a man who really wants to redeem his image in the eyes of the society and also have children who will take care of him in his old age, I went from one specialist to the other for a cure to my condition and after each test and subsequent treatment, the results were always the same or fluctuating – sperm count below 3 millions – 12.2 Million.

This dragged on for over nine years till I finally discover your website. From the first time I called, I found out that they are truly experienced and their expertise to a large extent, helped me out of my predicament the moment I spoke with them. Dollyhams Health renewed my hopes of overcoming my infertility challenges. And after explaining my past medical history, I was advise to order for Total Fertility Cleansing Kit and FertilMen. Successfully, within three months, my sperm counts received a huge boost over 82 million with powerful erection.

Moreover, my lovely wife and I are expecting our second child. I advise any man having male infertility or low sperm count to try Total Fertility Cleansing Kit and FertilMen and you won’t be disappointed.

Frank Essien, Calabar, Nigeria

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