Thanks for visiting Dollyhams Health website and we are dedicated to offering comprehensive treatment and best natural fertility products that is tailor toward treating the root cause of your fertility and ensure you get result in the fastest time possible.

Using our fertility products and treatments is simply easy, you can visit our website anytime of the day and select the products you like to purchase and simply make payment online and your order will deliver within 24 – 48 hours after payment is confirmed. We ship nationwide to all states in Nigeria and all countries in the world. For shipping and delivery details click here.

Meanwhile, we welcome all our customers who prefer to personally visit our office for purchase during our working hours or those who wish to seek medical advice or for further inquiry. There is no need to book prior appointment, you can walk-in anytime for purchase or fertility consultation.

We have explained all needed steps and products require for the conditions we treatment on our website and all you need is following the fertility recommendations on our website and you do not need fertility consultation before ordering our fertility products as we have being able to treat countless of couples nationwide and worldwide and help them conceive naturally even without visiting our office but if you are still confuse, you can email us or call us for free phone consultation.

Our calls are answered by an experienced fertility practitioners and with phone consultation we were able to identify the source of women or men’s infertility no matter how complicated the issue is and we recommend the appropriate natural fertility solutions and we are amaze how fast majority of customers call or write to inform us about their improvements and quick conception as early as few weeks to few months after trying for many years, even if they are told by medical personnel that it’s impossible to conceive naturally. No matter how your fertility condition is, try us and we will surely make the difference.

To avoid any confusion, our procedures, rules and regulation is carefully explained below and is also made available in our office and we hope you we respect our management rules and regulation and cooperate with our staff to enable us serve you better.

Fertility consultation is always available during our working hours and below is our consultation fees, rules and requirements.

Fertility Consultation Fee

  • Individual Person Cost =N=20,000
  • Couples Cost =N=40,000
  • Diagnosis and Consultation Cost=N=20,000 (Per person)

Special diagnosis and consultation are meant for category of individual or couples who require comprehensive test & diagnosis or doing general medical checkup before prescription is made or who have not been diagnosis at all of any issue and we will have to refer for different fertility tests, diagnosis before product recommendation or natural fertility prescription.

Note:-  All consultation fees are one-time payment and valid for 1 years after your first visit. Kindly endeavour to collect your consultation fee receipt for proper record and bring along during your next visit.

Note:- if you come along with your friends, we believe all infertility case are strictly confidential and should be treated as such but few clients still want their friend to be present while consulting, it will attract extra fee of =N=10,000.

What To Bring:

We strictly believe that best treatment and results can only been achieve by following the right diagnosis, hence we use your medical histories and medical records (results) to determine the best course of treatment for you. So kindly come along with your old and recent medical reports (results), but if none is available we might be able to start up treatment based on your health histories analyze to us or we might refer you for comprehensive test or additional test or diagnosis, if need be and it all depends on the health issue and circumstances.

Coming with your old and current medical result, makes it easy for us to make the best recommendation or appropriate require products, precise analysis/diagnosis and give you the excellent treatment which act quickly. But in case you don’t know the appropriate test to be done, you may call us to find out which medical diagnosis test to be carried out.

 What To Expect

Consultation time might last 20 minutes to an hour, but it depend on the client’s fertility health status. Our fertility consultant will welcome you and starts by asking for your medical history and signs and symptoms. Your medical results will be review and you might be examine and your diagnosis will be explained to you in detailed and to your best understanding and the fertility practitioner will come up with the appropriate natural fertility products for you based on your health diagnosis and fertility findings.

We always carried our clients along, we don’t just file your results and give products prescription, we make you understand your diagnosis and how it impact your fertility, why we are recommending what we prescribe and best natural fertility treatments to resolve the issue and get you your desire results promptly.