Online Fertility Consultation

We advise all our clients to follow the recommendation on the link on the homepage accordingly to your health issues.
Online Fertility Consultation is meant for few clients who desire personalized treatment through our Fertility Specialist or client who have not yet being diagnosis with any issue and is lost where to get started on the treatment.
It’s offers you a chance to get a proper diagnosis and appropriate treatment accordingly to your medical results.
Advise on the appropriate Test Diagnosis Necessary and Step by Step Guide, Advise and supports.
Questions on Medical Histories and Reviewing of your Medical Results and a Comprehensive treatment require to help you achieve healthy life, fertile body and fast conception.


Email Consultation Fee             $120 (1 Months)

Couples                            $200 (1 Months)

For us to proceed with your Consultation, your require brief history about your health.

Kindly answer the below question and state in details where applicable.

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